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Toad® for Oracle Subscription

Save time and reduce risk with the leading Oracle database development software tool

  • #1 commercial Oracle database development/management tool
  • Deliver applications faster and minimize risks associated with application changes
  • Easier Oracle database management
  • Available in Base, Pro, Pro DB Admin, and Xpert Plus Editions 

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Toad® for Oracle - Sensitive Data Protection

Find and control sensitive data across all your Oracle databases

  • Quickly discover sensitive data across all your Oracle databases for GDPR compliance and other regulations
  • Automates discovery, streamlines reporting and automatically notifies developers when they’re referencing sensitive data
  • Integrates into many Toad features, such as Editor, VOEs and DB Health Check

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Toad® DevOps Toolkit

Execute key database development, testing, and deployment functions within your DevOps workflow

  • Use key Toad for Oracle functionalities, exposed as programmable objects that can be called from most build automation servers
  • Ensure quality and maintainability through code reviews and unit tests
  • Meet project deadlines across application and database deployment

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Toad Edge®

The next generation of Toad tooling - a database development tool for Open Source Databases like MySQL and Postgres

  • Supports MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres
  • Object and user management
  • Advanced JSON data browser/editor
  • Schema compare and sync
  • SQL query monitor
  • Jenkins continuous integration plug-in
  • Supports Windows and Mac

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Toad® for IBM DB2

Spend less time managing DB2 and more time innovating

  • Get advanced administration, performance, and change management backed by over a decade of development expertise and user input
  • Finish daily development and administration tasks quickly and accurately
  • Use with both on-premises and cloud-based instances

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Toad® for SQL Server

Run faster, more reliable databases

  • Maximize productivity through extensive automation, intuitive workflows, and built-in expertise
  • Resolve issues, manage change, and promote high quality code
  • Manage your databases simply and proactively, in concert with Microsoft tools

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Toad® for SAP Solutions

Improved SAP database development, administration and performance

  • Minimize the learning curve of SAP HANA, ASE, IQ or SQL Anywhere with a single Toad toolset.
  • Write, edit and tune SQL; manage objects; and compare and sync servers, schemas and data; all in an automated fashion.
  • Pinpoint the root cause of database bottlenecks and resolve them quickly with Spotlight and SQL Optimizer components.

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Toad® Data Point

Improve analysis productivity by streamlining data access, preparation and provisioning

  • Access nearly any data source, build queries and automate reporting workflows
  • Blend data from multiple sources in a single query
  • Profile and cleanse data, integrate with Excel and simplify data federation to reduce data delivery time in half
  • Choose a streamlined interface for simpler query-to-report workflows

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Toad® Intelligence Central

Simplify file sharing and data provisioning

  • Improve collaboration between Toad users through secure, governed access to SQL scripts, project artifacts, provisioned data and automation workflows
  • Share all Toad artifacts — including entity relationship diagrams, query files, automation scripts, SQL files and more — with other Toad users
  • Abstract structured and unstructured data sources through advanced data connectivity

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Toad® Data Modeler

Create high-quality data models using this multi-platform data modeling software

  • Rapidly deploy accurate changes to data structures across more than 20 different platforms
  • Construct logical and physical data models, compare and modify scripts, and reverse and forward engineer both databases and warehouse systems
  • Simplify database design, maintenance and documentation

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Benchmark Factory® for Databases

Ensure database performance with a simplified testing solution

  • Validate performance and scalability to mitigate risks associated with planned changes
  • Conduct database workload capture and replay on Oracle and SQL Server – both on-premise and in the cloud
  • Generate virtual user and transaction workloads to stress test databases
  • Supports Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, SAP ASE, MySQL, Postgres. Also supports other databases via ODBC connectivity.

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