Toad® Data Point

Multi-platform database query and reporting tool

Toad Data Point

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Product Highlights

Common tool for multiple data sources

Connect to a wide range of data sources, including SQL based and NoSQL databases, ODBC, Business Intelligence sources, and Microsoft Excel or Access. Use a single tool for basic querying and reporting needs and get consistent results.

Database Diagram

Create Database Diagrams as templates for queries to build reports, and for understanding database relationships between tables.

Query Builder

Create a query without writing or editing SQL statements. Even for those familiar with SQL, the GUI (graphical user interface) makes it easier to create relationships and visualize the query.

Key Features

Wide range of data sources

Connect to many different types of data sources, including relational databases, business intelligence sources, NoSQL databases, and files.

Multiple methods of locating objects

Locate objects using Object Search, Database Explorer, or using a filter in Object Explorer.

Charts and reports

Design professional charts and graphs to share data results.

Cross-Connection Queries

Use the Cross-Connection Query Builder or the Cross-Connection Editor to create a query that combines data from multiple, dissimilar databases.

SQL Editor

The editor combines a powerful SQL and procedure editor into a single interface. Customize options and shortcuts to make the editor look and behave according to your preferences.

Results Sets

The Result Sets tab displays a data grid for executed SQL statements and scripts that return data.

One Click Export

Export to your favorite tools. Access key data quickly, including built-in report and pivot functionality, for in-place analysis and single-click export to an Excel instance.

Security management

Use One Click Export to quickly export data to an Excel, csv, txt, pdf, or html report. Exported data can include a linked query in the file, which creates a “live” Excel report that refreshes dynamically.


Save time on database tasks by easily scripting database activities and scheduling them using the Windows scheduler.

Toad Data Point

Multi-platform database query and reporting tool


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