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Product Highlights

Simplified PL/SQL unit testing

Create, run and store PL/SQL unit tests by simply executing code. Use Code Tester for Oracle to extend and create more comprehensive tests to help minimize defects in production.
Unit testing

Collaborative automated code review

Define coding standards from a selection of 200 rules to ensure development teams can correct code as they type and consistently improve overall quality. This makes it easier to maintain code in the future and reduces the likelihood of defects.

Effective SQL and PL/SQL tuning

Use Toad’s unique rewriting technology to quickly find the best alternative SQL, which will speed up SQL queries and PL/SQL code in the database.
SQL Optimizer

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Advanced features are available to users with Trial or Commercial licenses.   

Key Features

Oracle Administration Assistance

Manage all your databases easily whether on-premise or in the cloud. Control access to protect databases against attack. Browse and navigate database objects like tablespaces, rollback segments and roles. Execute one or more scripts against one or more databases. Automate routine admin tasks.

Table Data

View and edit data. Import and export data from/to multiple sources. Subset and mask data from production. Generate relational data for testing. Report on data and output to multiple file types.

Product Assistance

Use Jump Search to quickly find information on topics, inside and outside of Toad. Extensive help is available, including access to user community forums on Toad World directly from Toad for Oracle.

Toad Advisor

Get recommendations for performance, connection, or other issues based on your environment.

Additional Code Standard Assistance

Take advantage of code analysis to ensure code standards are followed and help reduce unplanned development cycles. (Available with some editions.)

Additional Code Performance Assistance

Dramatically improve the execution time of SQL and PL/SQL code with SQL Optimizer and help applications run faster in production (Available with some editions.)

Additional Development Lifecycle Assistance

Perform PL/SQL unit testing with Code Tester to ensure correct function, and use Benchmark Factory for scalability testing for defect-free applications that scale in production. (Available with some editions.)

Additional Administration Assistance

Get additional health checks and other administration capabilities through the Database Admin module. Use Spotlight’s diagnostic aids to help determine root cause of performance issues. (Available with some editions.)

Toad for Oracle

Improve your productivity when working with Oracle  


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