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We're adding the power of Toad into the Eclipse framework to help Java developers manage changes to the Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB databases, all within Eclipse!

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Install the Community Edition and get started! All key features and screenshots are listed here and there are some videos to help you get started.

If you have any questions, jump into the forums  to chat with other users and Toad Extension for Eclipse developers, or go to Idea Pond and suggest and vote for improvements!


Toad Extension for Eclipse allows you to:

  • Connect to your Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB database from within Eclipse
  • Browse data, object relationships and other detailed object properties
  • Develop complex PL/SQL code comfortably
  • Query data with easy export functions
  • Manage or Edit data and objects quickly

... and take advantage of many standard Eclipse features including Local History, integration with version control systems, XML editor and more!

Short Movies

 Advanced Content Assist - See how to work with SQL Statements defined in your java files.

 Refactoring - Change names of objects in your database, editors as well as Java files.

 SQL Statements - See how to work with SQL Statements defined in your Java files.

Tips and tricks

  Step-by-step blog on how to run Toad Extension for Eclipse on Mac!

  Learn more about Toad Extension for Eclipse.

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