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Deiby Gomez
Follow /1 Aug 2015 at 11:05pm / Oracle

Logging Levels in Oracle 12c

Since the architecture of Oracle Database 12c has changed, now we have two kind of databases "Pluggable Databases (PDB)" and "Container Databases (CDB)". With these many things changes as well, for example the Logging Levels and that's...
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Damir Vadas
Follow /1 Aug 2015 at 2:28pm / Oracle

Apex 5-unpublished requirement

Finally the day when I decided to upgrade to Apex 5 has come. Time shift of initial Apex 5 release and curiosity to see how mine apps will fit in new Apex were main sparks to upgrade mine Apex 4.2x version to current latest, Apex version 5.0.1. As I always...
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Fernando Garcia
Follow /1 Aug 2015 at 2:33am / Oracle

Oracle, vistas y sentido común.

Como hemos visto hace algunos días en el post " Oracle Turístico. Las vistas que no miramos (III )", en Oracle es posible la actualización de vistas. En ocasiones las actualizaciones pueden llevarnos a escenarios que no...
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David Fitzjarrell
Follow /31 Jul 2015 at 8:44pm / Oracle

What’s In A (User) Name?

"So each one of you agrees to disagree with whatever the other one agrees with, but if you both disagree with the same thing, aren't you really in agreement?" - Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth Recently a blog post caught my attention...
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Ajith Narayanan
Follow /31 Jul 2015 at 3:46pm / Oracle

Oracle Backup & Recovery Series - 4 (RMAN BKP Configuration)

In my previous posts, all the settings for recoverability was discussed, If you have not read them yet, maybe you can start reading them now. In this blogpost we will start discussing on the backup configurations we should be concentrating on. 1) Multiplexing...
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