If you’re doing NoSQL correctly, you’re surely taking advantage of the horizontal scaling capabilities and schema-less design flexibility.  Drilling down on the latter point, while its extremely flexible and helpful for developers to not worry about making schema changes to the database and simply adding tables and data on the fly, this can be a double edged sword as you may get a collection that is very sparsely populated (i.e. some columns a have little to no data) and some columns may have poorly defined and inconsistent data if you arent doing proper data validation.

Sometimes of course, incomplete and inconsistent data can creep into a database, so you need some tooling to help cut through the noise and focus only on the data that has some value.

Toad helps solve this problem for MongoDB users in several ways through its powerful Outline view.

1) Start by filtering the Grid and JSON views via Field Name Column which lets you interactively show or Hide columns:


with right click options to select/deselect in bulk which comes in handy for huge (wide) collections.


2) The Detail Column when enabled adds an entirely new pane to the Grid view that exclusively shows data within a field.  This is great for nested fields as you can see here I’ve got insight into the contents of this deeply nested field that are hard to understand without a Detail View.


3) The Exists column is extremely useful.  As an example, imagine for my unicorns collection, I only want to see the collections with a data value in the ‘loves’ field.  In this screenshot, you can see that 2 of the 3 records in this collection meet that criteria.


To apply a filter, I just check the Exists column for the ‘loves’ field and my data grid is updated to show only the 2 existing records, removing the irrelevant data from my view.  Easy and quick data filtering!


Also, after I’ve filtered by showing only the collections with values in the loves field, I can copy the JSON and drop it into another doc!


Check out our product pages to download trial version of Toad Extension for Eclipse if you are a Java user, and Toad Mac Edition for folks on Mac OS X that are interested in MongoDB.