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John Weathington

A Dozen Ways to Build Strong Relationships with End Users

by John Weathington How Strong Are Your Relationships? All business analysts are in the relationship business. It may not have been spelled out in your job description or part of your performance review, but your experience as a business analyst...
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John Weathington

Five Key Strategies for Losing Wait

A Resolution for Business Analysts While many people have resolved this year to lose weight, I encourage you to lose wait! Downtime--waiting for instructions, feedback, and database results--is not good for a business analyst. When an end user takes...
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John Weathington

How to Rock Using BPMN

Why BPMN? As you know, a requirements document us not just about new functionality. I'm sure you're familiar with non-functional requirements like performance and usability; however, there's another key section in any good requirements...
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John Weathington

Seven gems that are hidden in your notes

A Note About Notes As a business analyst, I'm sure you spend a lot of time in meetings, and I'm sure you take a lot of notes. But are you getting the most out of your notes? That depends on what you do with them after the meeting. We all...
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John Weathington

User Acceptance is Job One

How do you think companies feel about returned merchandise or a cancellation? I worked with PayPal for a period of time to help them decrease churn (their equivalent of a service cancellation). Trust me, it's not something they want to get out...
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