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Ability to use Azure database as a service for playback and statistics databases

Would be great to use databases as a service to store the playback and statistics databases. This would allow us to keep our monitoring solution separate from out infrastructure and reduce costs. I
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Mark in St. Louis

External tables do not appear in explorer

There is currently no way to browse the metadata for external tables. IE those that are defined as 'CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE MYextTABLE ( column-defs... ) with ( data_source = xx )' I would like to see 'External Tables' added to the explorer...
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Implement options to Filter and Categorize Agent Jobs

All jobs are listed in a single list, even though I can sort by Job Owner I can not filter on this column, also there is no option to see or take advantage to use the Agent Job categories to organize the jobs.
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Follow / 6 Sep 2017 at 2:28pm / Import/Export data

Up/Down Arrows in the import wizard for ordering

It would be nice in the import wizard to be able to have ordering arrows (up/down arrows) to be able to setup the imports in any particular order. I have a TOAD Automation currently setup in which the Import Wizard piece imports 60+ files. When I need...
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The ability to add sound to an alert or change of status

I managed hundreds of SQL servers and with that, when issues arrise id like to be alerted, not just by a colour, and an email but by a sound, I would love to have the ability to add a .mp3 or .wav file to the Alarm type. Types such as Locks/Blocks,replication...
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