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Follow / 17 Feb 2017 at 3:44pm / Just something cool or urgent

Ability to search for data in a database.

Please add the ability to search for data values in a SQL Database. I had to download another tool just to do this.
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Follow / 15 Feb 2017 at 7:47pm / General and Installation

Can Toad ask if the user want to import settings when installing a new version?

When having a previous version that is too old, and installing the latest there may be problems with some files in the user files folder. So, when creating the new user files folder: 1. - can Toad ask if I want to import settings? 2. - If I have...
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Follow / 9 Feb 2017 at 12:35pm / Connections

Read Only TOAD

Allow a connection to be specified as "READ ONLY". This would disable functionality akin to TOAD for Oracle's READ ONLY mode.
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Follow / 12 Jan 2017 at 8:37pm / SQL Editor

An option to disable the prompt when you close an Edit window

I would like an option to not be prompted about whether or not I want to 'Save changes to Untitledx?' when I close an edit window. When I'm ready to close an edit window I know I'm ready to close it. The 'save changes' prompt...
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Add ability to create new right click menu choices.

Add ability to create sub menu items. For the first incarnation allow the menu item to be an execution of an SQL code snipet with replacement of the existing variables and the addition of schema, table and column being availble given the context of currently...
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