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The ability to add sound to an alert or change of status

I managed hundreds of SQL servers and with that, when issues arrise id like to be alerted, not just by a colour, and an email but by a sound, I would love to have the ability to add a .mp3 or .wav file to the Alarm type. Types such as Locks/Blocks,replication...
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Copy a table name from Object Search results and paste it into Editor

Hi, I regularly do an Object Search to find a table name. I'd then like to copy only the table name and paste it into Editor. However, other information is copied with it when I try to copy, and I then have to delete it. It's a small inconvenience...
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Susan K
Follow / 28 Jun 2017 at 11:02pm / Object Explorer / Schema Browser

Ability to filter data by specific column value in Object Explorer | Table | View...

In Toad for Oracle it's possible to use the filter button on the Schema Browser | Table | Data tab to filter by a specific column value. Toad for SQL Server has a filter button but can't go as granular as column values.
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Susan K
Follow / 28 Jun 2017 at 10:44pm / Object Explorer / Schema Browser

Ability to use DESCRIBE (SHIFT+F4) on a table in Script tab of Stored Procedure

In Toad for Oracle | Schema Browser | Procedure - In the source pane on the right hand side, it's possible to place the cursor on a table in the procedure and do a describe (F4). Would like the same functionality in Object Explorer | Stored Procedure...
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Follow / 22 Mar 2017 at 8:45pm / General and Installation

Support for add-ins

Allow Toad to be extensible by third-parties through add-ins.
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