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Toad for SQL Server? Who Needs It?

That’s how a lot of my conversations begin when I talk to people about Toad for SQL Server. Most database pros understand why we have Toad solutions for databases like Oracle, DB2 and SAP. However, when it comes to SQL Server, Microsoft has a good...
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Toad makes your connections colorful!

We are living in the age of windows – I’m in 10 different window app all day long. Very similar I work with my Sql Servers - I have about ten servers and permanently connected to a few of them to execute queries, compare data/schema, etc....
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Coding is easy with Toad for Sql Server

Toad is never ending story, once started this journey you will never stop learning – there are so many things happening with each release. There is simply no room in documentation for every single item... So I would like to take a closer look...
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Toad for SQL Server v5.5

Toad is an Integrated Development Environment for SQL Server, also known as an IDE ( wiki ). Never heard of Toad before? Toad is famous in the Oracle world, but it probably more like the best-kept-secret in the SQL domain. Most folks find it because...
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Toad for SQL Server: Program Your SSMS SP Keys

It happens more often than I like to admit, but I was asked a question about Toad that I could not figure out. A co-worker was trying to help a customer emulate a SSMS feature – the ability to program stored procedures to a keyboard shortcut or...
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