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Customers frequently ask us “what’s new in Toad?”  We used to point them to the release notes but that was only useful if you were one release behind and then you still had to figure out which features applied to the bundle you’re using.  The Toad for Oracle Comparison Tool does all that work for you.  

To get started, select the version and bundle of Toad you’re running.  We’ll show you all the great new features you’ll get when you upgrade to the latest version!

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What you gain when you upgrade from 2016 Suite R1 to 2016 R2 Suite

Toad for Oracle 12.10: Team Coding enhancements

(added in version 2016 R2 Suite)
Team Coding, Toad’s interface to version control now supports Mercurial. You can now use different Code Analysis rule sets to control the code quality for code in different Team Coding projects. This provides more flexibility if you want to use the Team Coding option to perform a code review at the time a developer checks code into VCS. There is a new option to install the Team Coding repository on the Toad Intelligence Central server. This ensures a truly centralized way to manage developers' access to version control across multiple project teams using different databases.

Toad for Oracle 12.10: Jump Search improvements

(added in version 2016 R2 Suite)
Toad leverages a new Tech Support API which provides direct access to Knowledge Base articles on SupportLink from Toad including Oracle and other error messages providing much more contextual solutions to problems.

Toad Intelligence Central (Community Edition) - FREE ADD-ON

(added in version 2016 R2 Suite)
This release facilitates the hosting of Team Coding's repository. There is a new development management reporting dashboard which combines the data from unit test executions and code reviews with the event-based data stored in the Team Coding repository.

Toad Data Modeler 6.1

(added in version 2016 R2 Suite)
Support for SQL Server 2016. Enhancements to the Gallery. Improved support for Subversion and Projects.