Toad for Oracle Version Comparison

Customers frequently ask us “what’s new in Toad?”  We used to point them to the release notes but that was only useful if you were one release behind and then you still had to figure out which features applied to the bundle you’re using.  The Toad for Oracle Comparison Tool does all that work for you.  

To get started, select the version and bundle of Toad you’re running.  We’ll show you all the great new features you’ll get when you upgrade to the latest version!

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What you gain when you upgrade from 11.0.0 to 2016 R2 Suite

FREE Web Based self-paced Toad training for developers and DBAs

When asked, most Toad users claim to know only a small proportion of what Toad offers. This training course, which is hosted on the Toad World community website, ensures all Toad users know the essential features and functions of the product. This makes users more productive and helps pave the way to learning more advanced features in other Toad Editions.

Localized UI in Simplified Chinese

For Toad users in China, they now have the ability to use the tool with a fully localized UI as well as localized documentation.

Toad Data Modeler 5.2 (FREE USE with all editions of Toad)

User definable relationship anchor points provide higher flexibility in diagramming. Excel import/import.

Toad Data Modeler 6.1

Support for SQL Server 2016. Enhancements to the Gallery. Improved support for Subversion and Projects.

Team Coding Update: New Team Coding Dashboard

Newly designed Team Coding user interface for a unified user experience, while using Version control system in Toad."Team Coding Dashboard" window ( with 3 tabs) has group level functionalities added. Enhanced status messaging during VCS/Teamcoding setup. Added support for Clearcase,TFS 2012, TFS2013 and Serena PVCS Version Manager..

Toad for Oracle 12.10: Team Coding enhancements

Team Coding, Toad’s interface to version control now supports Mercurial. You can now use different Code Analysis rule sets to control the code quality for code in different Team Coding projects. This provides more flexibility if you want to use the Team Coding option to perform a code review at the time a developer checks code into VCS. There is a new option to install the Team Coding repository on the Toad Intelligence Central server. This ensures a truly centralized way to manage developers' accesss to version control across multiple project teams using different databases.

Toad for Oracle 12.10: Jump Search improvements

Toad leverages a new Tech Support API which provides direct access to Knowledge Base articles on SupportLink from Toad including Oracle and other error messages providing much more contextual solutions to problems.

Toad Jump Search

Toad standard search bar is now replaced with a multi functional "Jump Search" bar. Search results for each keyword appear in various categories that assist user navigate easily in the product, search blogs/forum posts and ability to directly search the Support portal's Knowledge Base for the error resolution

Toad Community (Forum) window

Toad users can now interact with the vast Toad community of users , while staying in Toad. Toad World registration and internet access are the pre-requisites.

Compare Multiple Schemas

For comparing the database environments with multiple hosted schemas, Compare Multiple Schemas now offers a single step solution. There is no need to select individual schema for comparison and repeat the steps. Single schema compare is still a very rich feature, with the ability to create database definition files and compare against the definition files.

MyToad Web Application

Extends Toad for Oracle by allowing the user freedom to move away from the desk to execute and view scripts from the web or mobile device while the product is running on their workstation.


Already a very customizable interface, Toad now supports Workspaces that allow the user to save multiple user interface layouts depending on requirement.

Oracle Applications Express (APEX) support

Provides the developer and DBA an efficient method to exporting APEX objects and their dependencies to script files.

Toad Intelligence Central (Community Edition) - FREE ADD-ON

The addition of Toad Intelligence Central (Community Edition) provides really simple and effective team collaboration to development and DBA teams using Toad for sharing essential information. When used with Toad Development Suite, Toad Intelligence Central serves as an automation platform for unit tests and code reviews to support a Continuous Integration process.