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Ping Tool to keep Connections alive

Follow stefan.jud / 20 Apr 2017 at 7:20pm

Hi Toad for Oracle Community,

I sometimes work with DB's which are "far" away to which I am connected via VPN. The connections to such DBs are sometimes very unreliable, after a short coffee break, very often, the connection is gone/interrupted. If I try to continue my work, Toad sometimes crashes when I try to open up the schema browser (Well, crashes have become less and less common.) or I have to reconnect and hope that it works well... Very troublesome.

A simple way to stop the "loosing connection" problem, is to send a signale to the DB periodically. (Like every 10 seconds). Earlier versions of Toad (I remember 11 or 10) contained a tool called PING which sent these signales to the DB, but it was removed in later version.
There is a way to mimic such a behaviour with the DBMS out tool, by setting it to periodically getting the messages. This has two drawbacks, I want to see my DBMS output immediately usually and I need to configure it again whenever I connect to a database.


  • - Send a PING (ICMP, DBMS out or something like "SELECT 1 from dual" )
  • - Configurable per db
  • - Configurable periodicity
  • - Configurable if executed when connecting to the db
  • - Possibility to monitor and show latency/dropped packets
Follow / 20 Apr 2017 at 8:33pm

We've never made a "stay alive" option in Toad and likely never will because it wouldn't be proper for us to specifically give you a feature to circumvent anything that your company put in place to kill inactive sessions.