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Follow / 13 Jul 2017 at 8:30pm / General

Oracle Inventory Scan

It would be great if just like Windows MAP Tool, if toad can report all the Oracle Inventory (versions , hardware cores, versions , editions, enabled options etc.) for all connections in connection manager.
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Rich J.
Follow / 28 Jun 2017 at 2:57pm / Editor

Option for Toad to ignore saving empty editor tabs on exit

Howdy, I often use Toad Editor tabs as work areas to reformat/rework SQLs used in our Production apps. I always cut the final SQL from the tab to paste into the app, leaving a blank tab. Exiting Toad, I end up with many requests to save each empty tab...
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Follow / 26 Jun 2017 at 2:21pm / Other

Multiple fields in Object Search

I regularly need to find a table that has multiple fields in it, but using Object Search am only able to search one field at a time. Adding a second and third option would be very helpful. As a simple example, I may need to find a table that has both...
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Follow / 19 Jun 2017 at 8:27pm / Editor

Quick add quotes and commas

It would be great to be able to highlight a list that was copied into editor from Excel and quickly "add quotes and commas" similar to Redgate Sql Prompt. Here is example in SQL studio
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Follow / 12 Jun 2017 at 6:37pm / Connections

When password is changed in TOAD, all open connections for that user should be refreshed...

I'm the DBA and I have multiple rac databases I maintain. For security, I have to change passwords quarterly. The issue is I have open editors and schema browsers at the time I need to change my password. The security policy is 2 tries and your out...
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