Toad offers five powerful database and schema management utilities that have been greatly simplified:

These utilities allow you to either generate DDL scripts or to perform comprehensive compare/sync operations. The screens for all these utilities offer numerous (as in dozens) of options in the form of check boxes. So when targeting different database environments you had to perform lots of checking and unchecking. For example check/uncheck 30 boxes for TEST and then check/uncheck those exact same boxes differently for PROD. If you had to work on both environments repeatedly, you’d spend large amounts of time simply checking and unchecking boxes.

Now Toad 12.1, releasing Sept 19th 2013, adds an extremely handy new feature to all the generate and compare screens – the ability to save and restore named sets of option settings. It’s very much like the concept of “saved desktops” for the editor. All you have to do to leverage this new feature is to press the Right Hand Mouse (RHM) menu on any of the options and/or object type tabs as shown in Figure 1. Now it’s far easier to work on both environments (i.e. TEST vs. PROD) repeatedly, you just switch among your named and saved options settings.

Figure 1: Save, Recall & Delete Option Settings