Thomas Klughardt

Continuous Integration: Code Tester and the Build Process

Especially for agile development and nightly builds it is important to have a simple, easy to do and reliable way to make sure that the application code is free from errors before it is deployed. The building and deployment of an application is usually...
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Steven Feuerstein

New Video: the Amazing Run Program Feature of Code Tester for Oracle

I recorded a new video introducing developers to one of my favorite features in Code Tester for Oracle: the rather plainly-named Run Program. I like to call it "Run-to-Test". It has become clear in the years since we first released Code...
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Steven Feuerstein

New SIG for Oracle Technologists

My good friend, Marcelle Kratochvil, an expert in multimedia and PL/SQL, asked me to give you all notice about a new SIG she is establishing: the Oracle International Unstructured Data with Multimedia SIG. Here's a description of the SIG: With...
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Finn Ellebaek Nielsen

Comparing Datasets

This blog post describes a best practice for comparing datasets with Quest Code Tester for Oracle (CT). The code described here has been tested with: Oracle Database 11 g Release 1 Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 ...
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Finn Ellebaek Nielsen

Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Beta Released

Oracle has recently released Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 Express Edition Beta. This is great news as rumors had it that Oracle would not release an 11 g XE. In my view, this is a very important move from Oracle -- and one that, perhaps surprisingly...
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