Toad for MySQL Users: Important Update

Toad for MySQL users: We’ve heard you. You want a robust but simple development tool for your MySQL environment.

So, we’ve spent the last few years building Toad Edge™ just for you. It’s a commercial database toolset designed to help DBAs and developers like you extract more value from your open-source data environments.  

What the launch of Toad Edge means for you:

Quest is now focused on supporting and improving the new Toad Edge. Thus, we will no longer be creating new Toad for MySQL functionality or releasing updates.

What if I want to keep using Toad for MySQL?

You are free to continue using Toad for MySQL as long as you’d like. Just be aware that Quest will no longer be releasing new versions and, after September 15th, 2017, Toad for MySQL will no longer be available for download.  We plan to remove the Toad for MySQL community from Toad World on October 16, 2017.

When you’re ready to learn a new MySQL database tool, we have a couple of options that will add value to your MySQL implementation – Toad Edge and Toad Data Point.


If you’re running MySQL, Toad Edge will give you the simplest and shortest path to extracting more value from your database environment. It’s designed for a fast and easy ramp-up to productivity, both for developers and DBAs.

Try Toad Edge free for 30 days.

Not interested in a commercial MySQL tool?  Toad Edge is also available in a freeware version. 


Not a developer?  Check out Toad Data Point

If you’ve primarily been using the Toad for MySQL freeware as a query, reporting and automation tool for your MySQL environments, you should check out Toad Data Point, which has many of the Toad for MySQL query and automation features you love but connects to many different data platforms – not just MySQL. 

Try Toad Data Point  free for 30 days.


Our commitment to supporting your MySQL environment is stronger than ever. We hope you continue to consider Quest and Toad as partners as you expand your knowledge of databases and advance your career.