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Steve Hilker
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Iterative SQL Development

If you’re anything like me, then you probably don’t write the perfect SQL statement on your first try. For me, it’s an iterative trial and error process before I get the result set just the way I want it. Toad has a number of built...
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Steve Hilker
Follow /4 May 2016 at 8:39pm / Toad for IBM DB2 Blog

Toad for DB2 v6.2 is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Toad for DB2 v6.2. This new version is now available for customers to download at SupportLink and for trial download at our Toad for DB2 product page on Toad for DB2 is a comprehensive solution...
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How Toad for DB2 Makes You More Productive Than IBM Data Studio - Blog Series

Many DBAs who work on IBM DB2 often use IBM’s Data Studio for their day to day administration tasks. In fact, Data Studio is a fine tool for your average administration workload. But if you are like most DBAs who are finding themselves bogged down...
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Shining a Spotlight on Database Performance Problems

Ah trade shows, you've gotta love them. Air travel, crowded hotels and conference halls, long hours standing on your feet. Good times. There’s a lot of things to dislike about being assigned trade show duty but my favorite thing about going...
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Steve Hilker
Follow /8 Sep 2015 at 9:00pm / Toad for IBM DB2 Blog

Time saver tip: Use Toad's Code Snippets

A couple of weeks ago, Craig Mullins wrote a blog post about Using Date and Time Arithmetic in DB2 . Specifically, he was pointing out the importance of selecting the proper data types for your columns when building tables -- especially when defining...
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The Easiest Way to Compare Database Objects

Need to roll out changes to your database objects? Here’s the fastest and easiest way to do it. With the object compare feature in the new DB Admin Module for Toad for IBM DB2, you can quickly compare database objects in different databases and...
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Accurately Predict Space Growth and Usage

Storage groups aren’t just for DB2 z/OS anymore; now, DB2 LUW supports them as well. So what does that mean for you? Storage groups can help you manage space allocations. But you still need a way to easily analyze those storage groups and plan for...
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Easily Understand Your Database Objects

Understanding the dependencies and relationships of your database objects gives you the greatest insight into your DB2 system. And now there’s an easy way to expand your knowledge in this area. It’s called a visual database map and it goes...
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Advanced Space Management for DB2

To take advantage of DB2’s parallelism during query processing, you have to equally distribute your data across all partitions. Now there’s an easy way to identify incorrect distribution and quickly fix it. With the new DB Admin Module...
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Steve Hilker
Follow /24 Jun 2015 at 5:34pm / Toad for IBM DB2 Blog

New Toad for DB2 tech brief - "Top 5 Ways Toad's DB Admin Module Helps DBAs Redefine Efficiency"

As modern information infrastructures continue to evolve, so too has the role of the DBA. According to recent research, almost half of DBAs manage more than 25 database instances each, and almost 10 percent manage more than 100 database instances each...
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