Key Features and Application Layout

  • Hive Editor with Content Assist, Formatting, Highlighting...
  • Data transfer from Oracle Database to Hive.
  • HDFS browser.
  • Visualization of executed applications
  • Easy analysis of available Application/Job/Task information.

  • Responsive non-blocking application that can be used for running multiple tasks at the same time.
  • Application Layout focused on task type:
    • Five Perspectives
      • Hive
      • HDFS
      • Charts
      • Logs
      • Data Transfer
    • Icons and action items for selected perspective.
    • Info panel for displaying important information.
    • Tabs for Editors, Object Details or Task Definitions.

Hadoop Connection Configuration

  • Automatic recognition and configuration of CDH 5.2 VM (VirtualBox)
  • Various connection methods:
    • QuickStart VM for CDH
    • CDH managed by Cloudera Manager
    • Generic Hadoop Cluster - Servlet Configuration
    • Manual Configuration

Hive - Structure and Data Browser

  • Hive structures browser.
  • Data and metadata viewer.
  • Export data to XLS or CSV (to local disk).
  • Schema filters:
    • Active schema
    • Preferred schemas
    • All schemas

Hive - Editor

  • Intelligent Content Assist (intellisense).
  • Syntax check.
  • Highlighting.
  • Formatting.
  • Quick documentation (Mouse cursor on object name shows object details).
  • Export results to XLS or CSV
  • Hierarchical Explain Plan
  • History of executed statement, including:
    • Query Statement
    • Results (limited number of records)
    • Explain plan
    • Properties
    • Jars


  • File system browser
  • File upload and download
  • Folder or file permissions management
  • Content preview
  • Information about blocks and availability

Data Transfer - Definition

  • Copy data from Oracle to Hive and vice versa.
  • Processing of multiple Oracle Database tables in single transfer.
  • Recognition of dangerous operations (replacement of existing data etc.)
  • Quick filters for object selections.
  • Mappers Advisory
  • Direct Mode

Data Transfer - Progress and History

  • Progress information for the complete data transfer as well as for each database table.
  • Navigation to newly created Hive tables.
  • Navigation to Logs Perspective.
  • Navigation to Charts Perspective
  • Possibility to edit definition, make copy and execute existing or newly created data transfer definition.


  • Details on Application, Jobs or Tasks level.
  • Predefined Filters
  • Drilldown to lower or upper levels.
  • Navigation to Hive, Transfer or Charts perspective items.
  • Naming of jobs executed from Toad for Apache Hadoop.


  • Visualization of finished applications.
  • Quick overview of tasks with long duration, large number of tasks etc.
  • Map & Reduce Tasks information.
  • Chart Categories.
  • Hints.