About Toad for Apache Hadoop

Toad for Apache Hadoop provides you with an intuitive Windows based interface that allows you to interact with
and manage your Hadoop ecosystems regardless of your skill level. With Toad for Apache Hadoop you can:

  • Easily connect to your Cloudera® Distribution Hadoop®, Cloudera® QuickStart VM and Hortonworks Data Platform
  • Transfer your data from relational database to Hive Metastore
  • Use the SQL Editor to execute queries against your data using the execution engine of your choice (Hive/Impala)
  • Store query results for further analysis
  • Organize and download/upload files and folders stored on HDFS
  • Create Hive tables from local files or files stored on HDFS (CSV, TSV)
  • Analyze your MapReduce Applications using Logs and Charts perspectives

Toad for Apache Hadoop now brings the functionality and ease of use of the Toad Relational Database Management family to NoSQL databases!