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Blog part 1 of 2 - Java, Eclipse, MongoDB, Toad, Ruby, Rails, Mongoid - Get them all working together with Toad!

To celebrate the addition of some exciting new MongoDB functionality (MongoDB Query Editor and Data Browser) to Toad, we’re going to walk you through the process of installing Java, Eclipse, Toad, MongoDB and then Ruby on Rails on a clean Ubuntu...
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Brad Wulf

Discover how the Toad Editor and Hover Properties can make writing queries even easier!

So, after months of filling out IT request forms, multiple unanswered emails to a council of learn-ed database elders and then finally outright begging, you got a brand-spankin’ new user account giving you access to that important database, time...
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Brad Wulf

Toad Extension for Eclipse 2.2.4 is now GA - Check out the new MongoDB data browser interface!

Toad Extension for Eclipse 2.2.4 is now available. This is the release with the MongoDB data browser! Follow these steps to upgrade, and then follow the link at the end to set up MongoDB and browse your own data. Its quick and easy! NOTE: Oh, you don’t...
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Brad Wulf

Top 3 Ways to query and explore MongoDB collections – > including a preview of some very powerful as-of-yet pre-beta MongoDB functionality!

So You’ve downloaded MongoDB, you have a dataset and are ready to roll your sleeves up and start crushing some NoSQL projects (if not, here is a MongoDB quick start blog post to help you do exactly that). So what do you do first? If you’re...
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Brad Wulf

Getting Started with MongoDB –Install and configure sample data

Background – The Toad Extension for Eclipse dev team is in the process of adding MongoDB support! The first phase of this effort is to add an object explorer interface for MongoDB so that we can gather feedback and add that functionality back into...
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