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The Toad Business Intelligence Suite of products builds a bridge between IT and the business by providing products that maintain data security and governance while opening up meaningful access to end users.

The Toad Business Intelligence Suite is comprised of:

Toad Intelligence Central – This fast virtual data layer snaps into and complements existing IT and BI architectures, enabling users of the suite’s desktop tools, Toad Data Point and Toad Decision Point, to easily share and view data.

Toad Data Point – This desktop tool for analytic data provisioners enables powerful query, data integration and cleansing and transformation capabilities for nearly any data source.  Using visual drag-and-drop interfaces, analysts can create combined views of data and develop automation routines which simplify data analysis, data provisioning and data reporting processes. 

Toad Decision Point – This desktop tool for business analytic experts is both powerful and easy to use. Non-technical users can rapidly access, consolidate, prepare, browse and visualize data from nearly any source.

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