Mark Kurtz
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New Year, New Resolutions, get SQL Navigator for Oracle working with your VCS

SQL Navigator (affectionately know as SQL Nav) is an awesome tool for application developers. It has all of the features a developer needs: SQL tuning, PL/SQL debugging, schema browser, code completion, etc. One of the features of SQL Nav is the ability...
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Brad Wulf
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SQL Navigator Editions Grid

SQL Navigator has been and continues to be the go-to product for Oracle Developers. With the coming release of SQL Navigator 7.3 we’ll be adding some new features and improving existing features along the way. The biggest new feature in 7.3 is the...
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Brad Wulf
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SQL Navigator Team Coding with Git

Quick overview of how to install GitHub and then interact with it directly through the SQL Navigator tool via the Team Coding feature. So let’s get started! Following is a list of all of the tools that you may need to Download and Install...
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Brad Wulf
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*Attention: Potential Action Required* - License Improvement for SQL Navigator 7.3 – Please read as a new license is required to use the next release of SQL Navigator

After many years a new license format for SQL Navigator is being introduced in conjunction with the release of SQL Navigator 7.3. The upcoming SQL Nav 7.3 and SQL Nav 7.3 beta releases (and future releases of SQL Navigator) will no longer accept legacy...
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Brad Wulf
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SQL Navigator 7.2 is almost here!

SQL Navigator has been an integral part of Oracle Developer efforts for over 15 years! Demonstrating our commitment to this beloved product line, we are happy to announce that SQL Navigator 7.2 is currently in beta and is expected to be generally available...
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