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Thomas Klughardt
Follow /29 Oct 2014 at 10:49am / Code Tester for Oracle

Continuous Integration: Code Tester and the Build Process

Especially for agile development and nightly builds it is important to have a simple, easy to do and reliable way to make sure that the application code is free from errors before it is deployed. The building and deployment of an application is usually...
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Steven Feuerstein

New Video: the Amazing Run Program Feature of Code Tester for Oracle

I recorded a new video introducing developers to one of my favorite features in Code Tester for Oracle: the rather plainly-named Run Program. I like to call it "Run-to-Test". It has become clear in the years since we first released Code...
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Steven Feuerstein

New SIG for Oracle Technologists

My good friend, Marcelle Kratochvil, an expert in multimedia and PL/SQL, asked me to give you all notice about a new SIG she is establishing: the Oracle International Unstructured Data with Multimedia SIG. Here's a description of the SIG: With...
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Finn Ellebaek Nielsen

Comparing Datasets

This blog post describes a best practice for comparing datasets with Quest Code Tester for Oracle (CT). The code described here has been tested with: Oracle Database 11 g Release 1 Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 ...
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Finn Ellebaek Nielsen

Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Beta Released

Oracle has recently released Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 Express Edition Beta. This is great news as rumors had it that Oracle would not release an 11 g XE. In my view, this is a very important move from Oracle -- and one that, perhaps surprisingly...
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Finn Ellebaek Nielsen

Continuous Integration Part 2

This blog post is a follow up to my blog post Continuous Integration (CI), in which I described how to execute test cases in Code Tester (CT) in a CI environment. What I didn't explain in the afore mentioned blog post is how to deploy the test definitions...
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Steven Feuerstein

ORA-03113 and Getting CLOB Value from XMLTYPE

The Quest Code Tester for Oracle development team is making more and more extensive use of the XMLTYPE datatype in the Oracle database. XML documents are a perfect fit for several requirements of Code Tester, in particular storing values for nested structures...
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Steven Feuerstein

Quest Code Tester for Oracle v2.0

Quest Code Tester for Oracle v2.0 is now available for production use; download this new version from Quest SupportLink. The most important new and improved features in 2.0 are: Redesign of user interface -The dashboard is now replaced by the Test...
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Steven Feuerstein

Steven answers Code Tester Questions

I received an email from a PL/SQL developer who wants to use Code Tester to test the backend of his application. He asked me a number of questions and I thought I'd share my answers with everyone. Is it possible to create end-to-end tests? Because...
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Finn Ellebaek Nielsen

Installing Multiple Versions of Quest Code Tester

This blog post describes a few tips on how to handle installations of multiple QCTO versions on the same Windows client and the same Oracle instance. Use Case Your manager has asked you to check out the latest QCTO beta release or the brand new...
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