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Mladen Prajdic
Follow /4 May 2015 at 2:00am / SQL Server

SSMS Tools Pack is out with a NEW feature, a few improved features and various bug fixes.

The new feature is called Global Replacement Texts . It gives you the ability to add custom replacement texts to your scripts in four different features. Licensing now gives you the ability to upgrade your existing license from the previous major version...
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Dinesh Asanka
Follow /2 May 2015 at 7:46am / SQL Server

Which relational DBMS is best for your company?

There are lot of databases around you. What should I select from them. Lot of parameters you need to think. Database expert Craig S. Mullins examines the top relational database management system software to determine which best fits your organization...
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Jen McCown
Follow /1 May 2015 at 1:08pm / SQL Server

Announcing Minion Enterprise: the new SQL Server Management Solution

A company with more than one SQL Server instance has no built-in way to gather and report on maintenance, backup, and configuration data across those instances. Even more, there is no good way to push standardized settings out to the enterprise. The database...
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Dinesh Asanka
Follow /30 Apr 2015 at 1:56pm / SQL Server

Microsoft Introduces Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Microsoft today announced a new service in its Azure database lineup during its Build developer conference keynote today. The Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which will go into public preview in June, is meant to give businesses access to an elastic petabyte...
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Chris Webb
Follow /30 Apr 2015 at 11:09am / SQL Server

Using Function.InvokeAfter() In Power Query

Last year I blogged about how to introduce a delay between web service requests in M code. Since then a new function has been added to Power Query which makes this a lot easier: Function.InvokeAfter(). This function doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere...
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Follow /30 Apr 2015 at 8:45am / SQL Server

Finding Locks on Tables

Recently I needed to find a stored procedure that was creating a lock on a table and updating the table regularly. So my starting point was the table name, but I needed to find where the commad was coming from that was locking the table, and what stored...
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Thomas LaRock
Follow /29 Apr 2015 at 8:17pm / SQL Server

Troubleshooting Azure Connectivity: Ports and Endpoints

It was a simple enough question, or so I thought. One I felt should be either a simple “yes” or “no”. “Do we block remote desktop connections here?” Sure enough, I got back the quick and simple answer I expected, along with a question for myself. “Nope...
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Follow /29 Apr 2015 at 3:30pm / SQL Server

They Can Do What? – SHUTDOWN

Reading Time: 1 minutes Many times the DBA is faced with the dilemma of granting excessive access to an application or user so it can ‘just work’. This can cause a lot of problems. There are commands that can be given from T-SQL that can...
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Follow /29 Apr 2015 at 2:00pm / SQL Server

How to Write Queries – Write the Query – Step 3

This is the fourth of four articles in a series explaining the three simple steps I take to writing complex SQL statements.  The series starts with this introductory article . All the examples for this lesson are based on Microsoft SQL Server Management...
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Kenneth Fisher
Follow /29 Apr 2015 at 1:00pm / SQL Server

Running Powershell scripts remotely.

I’ve only recently started to play with Powershell (PoSH) but even I’ve begun to discover what a huge number of tasks it can perform. Currently I’m working on a task to run SSIS packages remotely by using Invoke-Command to run DTEXEC...
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Follow /29 Apr 2015 at 12:00pm / SQL Server

Better Together: Reduced Run Time and I/O

The run-time metric gets all the love, and for good reason.  It’s easily witnessed by end users and the one management cares about.  When DBAs have the task of cutting down the run time of a query, this typically starts in a non production environment...
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Follow /29 Apr 2015 at 7:48am / SQL Server

BIG Data HACKATHON Copenhagen

The Microsoft Big Data Hackathon is your opportunity to hack for a good cause. Assemble a team, learn, share, and make new friends as you use big data technologies to solve real-world problems. Who Should Attend? This event is open to anyone interested...
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Follow /28 Apr 2015 at 3:00pm / SQL Server

Security of PWDCOMPARE and SQL Hashing

Few people are as concerned about security as they should be, and fewer still are proficient in it. Even if you are, while you might be able to tackle the major security flaws, there’s always going to be something new that can get you, unless you implement...
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Gethyn Ellis
Follow /28 Apr 2015 at 1:00pm / SQL Server

Windows Temporary Profile

Amongst IT related problems one that can fill this most ardent optimist with dread is when logging into your pc you get the message that you have been logged in with a temporary profile. Well that was what happened to me Friday evening. My heart sank...
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Melissa Coates
Follow /28 Apr 2015 at 1:44am / SQL Server

Filtering in Power Query

Last week I was teaching a Power BI Workshop . On the final day while attendees were building their own solutions, one participant named Linda says to me: "Melissa, Power Pivot is missing some data." We proceeded to trace back through her Power...
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