Data Compression

Data Compression is feature of Microsoft SQL Server to reduce the size of table on the basis of Duplicates, Null & Zeroes. It’s a process of reducing size of database & its objects by increasing CPU cycle and reducing I/O effort.

Types of Database Compression

· Row Compression

· Page Compression

You can download Data Compression SQL Server white Paper –

Implementation of Data Compression

Row Compression Page Compression
T-SQL Command
Step 1 – Open Data Compression wizard. Right Click on Table > Storage > Manage Compression
Step 2 – Select Compression Type & you can click on calculate to check the impact
You can use below system store procedure to estimate the compression results
EXEC sp_estimate_data_compression_savings ‘Schema’,’Table_Name’,Null,Null,’Type_of_Compression’
Step 3 – Select Option if you want to run it immediately or later by generating script
Step 4 – Final Configuration window before you give final go ahead
Step 5 – Compression implemented successfully

Reference : Rohit Garg (

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