It started like any other Monday following a long holiday weekend. Hundreds of emails to filter through, a new client launch (after a holiday weekend? Really?), and a pager that somehow survived the weekend without being tossed into a lake. It ended with one of my heroes buying me a cup of coffee.

Just after 9:00am, the following email popped up in my inbox:


Whoa… This was a complete surprise. Last week a rockstar blogger, and this week a SQL Pro. What a humbling and exciting few days this has been.

After exchanging a few emails with Carlos, a social media professional with Dell, it was all wrapped up. I’m officially the Toad World SQL Pro for the month of December 2013.



Wow. Just, wow.

Thanks Carlos and Dell and Toad World. Oh, and thank you Thomas LaRock for the coffee. I don’t know how you transmitted it through Twitter to me, but it was delicious!

2013-12-02 19.36.31

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