We discussed in an earlier post, SQL Server Performance Monitor Offers Clarity from Chaos, how heat map views, alarm lists, and graphical representation of alarm indicators can help take some of the stress out of the on-the-fly investigative work that often marks the life of the DBA. Naturally, this can be even more useful when you can see the status of your SQL Server databases without having to be tethered to your workstation. Are you terrified to leave your desk and hit the food-truck because you’re afraid those deadlock alerts will pile up unseen? Take your SQL Server monitoring to go and sit down to lunch!

Mobile SQL Server monitoring gets easier by the month as more and more elegant extensions of SQL Server tools appear with native apps on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. All are aiming for the most functional, simple, “at a glance” experience for DBAs to monitor their SQL Server instances, underlying operating system and VM layer. If you are one of those DBAs who manages lots of databases and instances then you really appreciate the “heat map” which allows you to monitor all of your connections in a single view. This clever visualization allows you to assess a problem in no more time than it takes to order that #3 combo through use of visual tiles whose size and color is proportionate to the number and severity of issues raised against any connection. A single glance tells you which one needs the most urgent attention. One screen tap, and you can see a list of alarms for the connection.

Managing Alarm Views, Snoozing and Acknowledging

Users can skip the heat map view to instead view an alarms list that displays alarms by severity, with drill-down available to detail screens. The DBA can then acknowledge the issue and dive into resolving it, or snooze it for attention at a later time.

In the first instance, your mobile app can then communicate securely with Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise, or any other SQL Server Tools, which can then acknowledge and eventually remove the alarm. If the next bite of your burrito (or another, more pressing problem) takes precedence, you can snooze the alarm and decide when you next want to be reminded about it.  For many IT folks, having lunch at the desk is a common ritual. The rise of better mobile SQL Server monitoring means you can have lunch where you want—and package your work to go instead.  Take a look at our whitepaper while you are having lunch: Top 10 Tips for Optimizing SQL Server Performance