Join us for a twitter chat with Brent Ozar @BrentO. We will be chatting about how the database comes with a manual, but let's be honest: nobody's got time for that. Let's distill the most important concepts and rules down to 140-character chunks on Twitter.

Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar and Dell's Richard Douglas @SQLRich will take your suggestions and lead a live Twitter chat at #dellsql. He'll compile the best 140-character suggestions into a free ebook for developers.

The chat will be split into four 15-minute segments around:

  • What do developers need to know about designing tables and indexes?
  • What do developers need to know about writing and tuning queries?
  • What do developers need to avoid?
  • If developers can only focus on one thing to improve their apps, what would it be?

When:  Thursday Oct 24 from 10AM – 11:00AM EDT

Where: Registration Page

For more information check out Brent's blog: