Been a busy couple of days; hell, the last few weeks have been just nuts. I’m pausing for a few seconds to type a quick post from sunny Charlotte, and just fill in a few thoughts.

First, I think my XQuery session went reasonably well; I got bit by the demo gods, and shouldn’t have tried to use the magnifier without more practice, but I had a lot of questions and a few nods of approval. Overall, I think it was a B effort, and am hopeful that I can improve it.

Second, it’s always exciting to be back at Summit; kind of like New Year’s Day. I make lots of resolutions about how I want to get involved with an active and dynamic community. Let’s see how many of them stick. Mostly, I like being around smart people, and it’s been quite exciting to talk to some of the smartest people I know. I’ve had some great technical conversations with lots of people, and its given me a lot of things to mull over in terms of where I want to go and grow.

Third, I also got sucked into a lot of conversations about the whole PASS election/membership issue. My post about Allen Kinsel’s campaign seem to have kicked off more of a firestorm than I realized. I’ve had lots of people ask me what my thoughts were on the issue, and really, it’s kind of simple: We’re database people, and we need a plan to fix a data problem. I don’t have that plan, but there are lots of people who do (see my second point above about smart people).

Fourth, keynotes\sessions are awesome. I’m learning a lot, and I hope others are as well.

More to come soon.