I’m embarking on a new project to build a brand new squeaky clean VM environment from the ground up, including SharePoint 2013, SQL Server 2012, and Office 2013.  This will serve as my new “on-premises” environment for use with Hyper-V.

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Below is a list of resources I’ve found so far relating to installing and configuring BI with SharePoint 2013, Office 2013, and SQL Server 2012.

Blogs & Articles

MSDN – Install SQL Server 2012 Business Intelligence Features   <--There’s a ton of sub-pages here with checklists & info

Koen Verbeek – 10-Part Series on Building a SharePoint 2013 BI Demo Environment  <—Really good stuff here!

Bhavik Merchant – Setting Up a SharePoint 2013 BI Demo VM

Simon Lidberg – Installing the BI Features of SharePoint 2013

Lydia Bronze – Step-by-Step Guide to Installing SharePoint with SQL 2012 PowerPivot, Power View, and Reporting Services

Kay Unkroth – Microsoft BI Authentication and Identity Delegation

James Beresford – Build Your Own SQL 2012 Demo Machine

Anthony Sammartino – SharePoint 2013 Installation and Configuration for Power View

James Serra – SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2013: Installing on a Virtual Machine


MSBI Academy Videos – 23-Part SharePoint Deployment Crash Course      <—Definitely worth a look

Dave Wickert – Deploying and Managing a PowerPivot for SharePoint Infrastructure Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Chuck Heinzelman – Configuring Kerberos for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 BI in 7 Steps (SQL Server 2012) 

Lee Graber – 4-Part Series on PowerPivot for SharePoint Architecture

Know of other great articles or videos?  Please leave a comment so I can add it to the list.