Quick and Useful PL/SQL Tips

A Quseful is a Quick and Useful (as opposed to Quick and Dirty) tip on now to write programs in the Oracle PL/SQL language more effectively. Each Quseful contains a description of the tip ("What's the point?"), some PL/SQL code you can install in your environment to implement the tip ("Show me the code!"), an example of how to use the code to help you get your job done ("How do I use it?").

  • Quseful #10: Oracle11g Function Result Cache
  • Quseful #9: Refactoring
  • Quseful #8: Execute DDL Statements from a File   
  • Quseful #7: Kill Those Infinite Loops
  • Quseful #6: Generate Collections of Random Values
  • Quseful #5: Does that string contain a valid number?
  • Quseful #4: Get the value of (almost) any column from any table with dynamic SQL
  • Quseful #3: Don't put COMMIT; in your code (encapsulate it more flexibility)
  • Quseful #2: Keep track of strings used to avoid duplicate usages 
  • Quseful #1: Trace values of arguments passed into your programs