New technology name is cloud for top notch service and this service provide to manage services from a single point . Oracle Public Cloud is announced with many cloud services which are Database Cloud Service , Java Cloud Service, MySQL Cloud Service  and Schema Cloud Service particularly schema as a service can be builded for APEX application and then easilly deploy data on-premise to cloud through SQLDeveloper thus no need any tool.Schema as a service is built with extreme technology , working on Exadata Datrabase Machine .


This service is gathering some advantages ,

1. Access to database easily from Web page .

2. This service cost is including all maintenance operations and Oracle Support .

3. Control all metrics and data usage with a few clicks .


The service is covering 4 main features .

1.Database: Service is working on Oracle 11g R2 Enterprise Edition.

2.APEX : Build and deploy all of data through APEX Cloud page.

3.RESt : Provide to access data in your schema through URI .

4.Packed Application : Install and manage your bussines application with a few clicks.

This article show how to build a schema service from Oracle Public Cloud. Now check it out how to build a service .

1.Register Schema Cloud service over Oracle trial page  ( get a mail related account information from Oracle Cloud 


3.Click Schema as Service and enter username and temporary password then change your password .

4.Login with your username and new password .

5.Click  schema service.

6.All service metrics available to control usage and days.

7.Connect Schema as a Service through Sqldeveloper.

8.Connect SQL Developer with your authentication .

9.Connect Apex page with "Open Service Console"


This service provide to manage your schema with extreme performance .If seeking developer enviorment to develop schema based application , Oracle Schema Service would be good choice .

Thanks Tim Hall for OTN Day