For the past several years, I have given my Coding Therapy talk to Oracle technologists, offering insights through:

  • Dream therapy
  • Shock therapy
  • Game therapy
  • Couples therapy

It is, of course, entirely tongue-in-cheek, but also (I hope) helpful to programmers, in giving them a different perspective on some of the challenges they face in their work.

These talks have usually been very well-received, which inspired then-Quest Software to bring me out to Hollywood (well, Aliso Viejo, anyway) to shoot a series of videos in which I impersonate a therapist and provide coding therapy to a programmer in need.

Here I am, deep in my therapist role:

Very convincing with my reading glasses (which I do not yet need, thank you!) slipping down on my nose, right?

The therapy sessions are hosted on Facebook:

P.S. - I am available for private programming therapy sessions. Just contact me at - and bring lots of tissues. Smile