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Upgrading to – Dictionary View Performing Poor

Just a quick blog post on things you might see after upgrading to We recently upgraded database from to and query on some data dictionary views ran too slow. 1. Performace of query on dba_free_space degraded 2. Performance...
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Fernando Garcia
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Deshaciendo las cosas (pero no del todo)

Cuando hablamos de deshacer las cosas hablamos de ROLLBACK . El comando ROLLBACK nos permite efectivamente deshacer una transacción. También se suele decir que con rollback “volvemos atrás” una transacción. Muchas...
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Steven Feuerstein
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Planning for trouble: comments on my latest Oracle Magazine article.

In my November/December 2014 article for Oracle Magazine, Planning for Trouble , I urge developers to realize that regardless of best intentions, not everything related to our apps is under our control, and we need to assume that trouble might be coming...
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Dan Hotka
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Solving SQL Performance Issues that contain bind variables.

Hi, Did you know that Oracle11 has figured out a way to solve SQL performance issues with SQL that contains bind variables? Let me clarify this. Not all SQL with bind variables have issues. Just the SQL where the where clause item has skewed data…such...
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Follow /19 Nov 2014 at 4:57am / Oracle

Change Parameter Value In Another Session

RSS content The values of initialization parameters in another session can be changed  using procedures SET_BOOL_PARAM_IN_SESSION and SET_INT_PARAM_IN_SESSION provided in DBMS_SYSTEM package. Let’s demonstrate: SQL>conn / as sysdba SYS>...
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