Many Oracle data warehouses have been built with Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB). Unfortunately, that product has been discontinued, i.e. the 11gR2 version is the last there will ever be.

Support-wise, it follows the 11gR2 database, which ran out of premier support 31 january 2015. However, Oracle has waived the extra fee for extended support for one year, which means that your regular support runs until 31 january 2016. If you want support for OWB after that, you will have to pay the extended support fee.

So what are your alternatives?

  1. Oracle recommends moving to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), which is their strategic ETL tool. However, this product is part of the Fusion Middleware suite and is licensed separately. With ODI 12c, the migration path has become somewhat easier, and there is a migration utility and a whole manual about planning, testing and executing the migration.
  2. For simple tasks, you can use the basic OWB features that are still part of your Oracle database license 12c R1. Note that Oracle is not promising you basic OWB in 12c R2 and onwards, but there's always hoping…
  3. Finally, you can run your OWB PL/SQL packages without OWB. In principle, since these jobs are just PL/SQL, you can schedule them yourself.

For more information, refer to the Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Warehouse Builder Statement of Direction