Oracle Open Week. I am an Oracle ACE Director and we get invited out for product briefings before this huge event. Over 20 various parts of the Oracle offerings were discussed in great detail with their plans for the future.

I can safely say there is lots of future in all that Oracle does!

I worked for Oracle Corp in the early 1990’s. We called the campus shown here ‘Emerald City’ from the Wizard of Oz  ... because of its green glass tower appearance. The 300 building (the one with Oracle across the top) was the first. Oracle purchased this property from a marina that was once here. I think the street address is now Oracle Drive but it was Twin Dolphin Drive for quite a while. Maybe they just renamed the part of this road that the Oracle campus is on… I remember attending Oracle University classes in the left-most building. The 500 building (the one straight ahead that looks like binoculars) used to be the corporate offices.

Oracle ACEs and Oracle ACE Directors are known for their strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates, with candidates nominated by anyone in the Oracle Technology and Applications communities. The ACE Directors are invited for advanced and new feature briefings, called a product briefing. I find this information invaluable and you will see this information in future blogs as Oracle releases me from the NDA. I use this information to better my presentations to the Oracle community, updates to my course-ware, and in blogs here at Dell.

Wild life in the Oracle campus pond.

Of course, this conference is all about Oracle12c.

The big bang new feature is the multitenent DB, or the container DB, or the plugable DB. There are a plethora of new features in Oracle12. The product briefing was full of useful information. The one item that I had not given much thought to was ‘IoT’…Internet of Things. This is the connectivity between monitoring devices and the line of thought that goes with each. Monitoring devices are in your car, your home, in business, in manufacturing, in almost everything we do. A device can simply report or maybe it can take an action. IF it can take an action…like turn on the lights when it gets dark…then it has to have some more smarts. Another example would be a security device. Does it just trip an alarm or does it trip the alarm and make contact with the outside world (say a security firm to send someone). Well…the security firm has to be listening. These devices, devices in our cars, devices everywhere, don’t seem to have much of a common protocol either. These feeds are collected and generally converted to IP (TCP/IP or internet feeds) and then fed into a database or another device that can make decisions based on the data. Oracle mostly handles this with Java. Oracle has many offerings in this area, depending on what you are collecting and where it is coming from. Just remember, Internet of Things is connectivity of all these various monitoring devices that are all around us.

I’ll blog on many Oracle12c items over the next few weeks.

Wildlife in the Oracle campus pond.


Dan Hotka
Oracle ACE Director