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Welcome to the NoSQL and cloud database platform section of Toad World. New business requirements and massive data growth has pushed traditional relational database platforms beyond their limits. Many organizations are investigating NoSQL and non-relational cloud database technologies to solve these challenges, but there is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to this emerging technology. Understanding the capabilities, limitations, requirements and use cases of NoSQL technology can be confusing. Plus new skill sets will be required to use these databases effectively. We’re here to help you investigate the new world of NoSQL and cloud, so you can be equipped to better serve your business.


How can I take part?

Share your NoSQL experiences! Do you blog or write about a NoSQL / NewSQL database?  Please contact us and also check out How to help

What's New in the NoSQL Wiki

  • Provisioning an Apache Cassandra cluster

    By: Juan Carlos Olamendy Turruellas Introduction In my first article about Apache Cassandra at , I’ve made an introduction to this...
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    • on 18 Jul 2016 9:28 PM
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  • An introduction to Apache Cassandra

    Written by: Juan Carlos Olamendy Turruellas Introduction Apache Cassandra is a great NoSQL database that excels on processing fast write requests as well as on...
    • Revision #2
    • on 18 Jul 2016 9:25 PM
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  • MongoDB

    MongoDB is a document database system written in C++ once described as "CouchDB without the crazy". Its web site defines MongoDB as a scalable, high-performance...
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    • on 23 Feb 2016 5:16 AM
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  • NoSQL - Wiki

    This wiki is the collective experience of many developers and DBAs. Like Wikipedia, this wiki is an open resource for you to share your knowledge of Cloud and other emerging...
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    • on 17 May 2013 6:54 PM
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  • Hive

    Hive is a data warehouse built on top of Hadoop. Hive uses HiveSQL to provide ad hoc querying of large datasets. Querying Hive In this 7 minute tutorial, Jeremiah...
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    • on 9 Apr 2013 4:02 PM
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