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Very much an encyclopedia, Toad World's wikis are a resource you can use to become better and smarter at working with various database platforms (Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL and emerging Cloud databases) and the Toad-family of products. 

Toad World wiki articles are intended to help database professionals do their jobs better. If you've gained knowledge that you want to pass on to other members of the community, we welcome your contribution!

How to contribute to the wikis

Thanks for even THINKING about writing! Toad World is a resource built by the community, for the community. We are committed to sharing knowledge between database users.

Want to build up your resume? Writing technical articles and getting recognized by your peers is a great way to stand out. Next time you walk into a job interview, imagine being able to tell your interviewer, "Pull up Toad World, and I'll show you some of the articles I've written and edited." It shows that you care about the community, that you're in this for the long term, and that you go above and beyond your competitors. 

Want to write a book or a magazine article? The publishers will want to see writing credits under your belt, and contributing wiki articles is a great way to get started. We're focused on sharing knowledge, so we make the publishing process as easy and painless as possible.
Afraid of getting rejected? Relax: we know that your job is to write code, not articles. We work together to get articles written and updated. Don't sweat the small stuff - just write about what you're passionate about, and if it's not perfect, that's what other members of the community are there for! We help each other to hone articles to make them better.

How to Write and Edit Wiki Articles

Here's how to start:

How to Review Wiki Articles

  • How to review wiki pages - how to check whether pages meet Toad World's editorial standards. Reading this will improve your new articles and ensure a quality article.

How to Syndicate Your Blog

If you're blogging about relevant technology topics, we'd like to help! We explain how in the article syndicate your database blog.