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Larry Leonard
Follow /7 Oct 2015 at 6:55pm / SQL Server

Finding All Databases Where User is not in Role

This script will find all the databases (matching a certain pattern) on the server where a given user is not a member of a given role. Because sometimes you need to know that. -- Be sure to change the User and Role variables. declare @Sql nvarchar(4000...
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Denny Cherry
Follow /7 Oct 2015 at 5:00pm / SQL Server

Basic Database Mirroring Monitoring

If you have database mirroring setup and running, you’ll notice that it has a lack of built in monitoring. And if you have a lot of databases having monitoring for each potential state that each database can be in can flood you with email if the...
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Jen McCown
Follow /7 Oct 2015 at 3:59pm / SQL Server

You DO have outstanding, free backup and maintenance, right?

It’s entirely possible that you’ve heard us talk about our supercharged, free backup and index maintenance solutions on Twitter, or on MidnightSQL.com, or that you read about it on MinionWare.net (or one of our newsletters). Or it’s...
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Follow /7 Oct 2015 at 3:17pm / SQL Server

Get Hyper-V Host To Talk To Guest VM’s With This Simple Trick - WaterOx Consulting

The Assumption I assume you already have a Hyper-V basic configuration on... The post Get Hyper-V Host To Talk To Guest VM’s With This Simple Trick appeared first on WaterOx Consulting .
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Follow /7 Oct 2015 at 2:00pm / Oracle

Why go to Oracle OpenWorld?

We’re a shade under a month away from the biggest event in the calendar for those that work in the Oracle marketplace – the Oracle OpenWorld Conference. It runs every year in San Francisco and draws a massive 60,000 attendees from 145 countries...
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Kenneth Fisher
Follow /7 Oct 2015 at 1:00pm / SQL Server

Finding the error from a failed job.

This is a fairly simple one once you’ve seen it, but then so are lots of things :) . Let’s say you have a failed SQL Server job. Here is our job that will fail: Pic1 Then we run it and it fails! And when we click on the error...
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Abu Fazal Abbas
Follow /7 Oct 2015 at 11:50am / Oracle

ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle Database 12c : Part 2

Today’s discussion is again on the ONLINE statistics collection in Oracle database 12c. In one of my earlier post , I had discussed about the extensions/enhancements made to the online statistics collections in Oracle 12c. We have seen that Oracle...
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Dan Hotka
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 9:41pm / Oracle

SQL Tuning- lessons learned from a lifetime in Explain Plans (part 13)

Hi! Here is a cool tip. When tuning SQL with sub-queries, did you know since Oracle10 there is a label you can add that shows up in the PLAN_TABLE? I submitted my findings to the Toad crew and they added it to Toad! The QB_NAME(<label>...
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Dan Hotka
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 9:36pm / Oracle

The Importance of Index Monitoring

Hi! One might wonder, indexes are good, why do I need to monitor them? Well, monitor their usage then. Indexes are good for SQL when they are used. Oracle10 was a big change for the cost-based optimizer (CBO). The older CBO and the old rule...
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Syed Jaffar Hussain
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 9:28pm / Oracle

Managing & Troubleshooting Exadata - Upgrading & Patching Exadata

As part of managing & troubleshooting Exadata article series, I shall be discussing various administrative and troubleshooting topics on Exadata. This part of the article is mainly focused on the need of Exadata patching, patching path & tools...
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Thomas LaRock
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 8:58pm / SQL Server

HOW TO: Improve Database Performance Without Changing Code

I’ve stated before that great database performance starts with great database design. So, if you want a great database design you must find someone with great database experience. But where does a person get such experience? We already know that great...
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Craig Mullins
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 8:44pm / IBM DB2

Sorting by Day of the Week in DB2

Today's blog will walk you through a sorting "trick" that you can use when you are dealing with days of the week. A relatively common problem involves sorting a column that contains a day-of-the-week not in alphabetical order by in the order...
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Natik Ameen
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 8:08pm / Oracle

Top 8 Strategies to Thrive at Oracle OpenWorld

Top 8 Strategies to Thrive at Oracle OpenWorld . . . . The post Top 8 Strategies to Thrive at Oracle OpenWorld appeared first on VitalSoftTech .
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Steven Feuerstein
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 7:11pm / Oracle

Execute any SQL statement from within a Application Express app? Sure, why not? Um.....

Received this question today: We are planning to develop a product with APEX and is it possible to execute free sql inside an apex application? I mean is it possible to have a SQL execution window inside the APEX application like we execute inside an...
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Michael J. Swart
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 4:59pm / SQL Server

Don’t Abandon Your Transactions

About eight years ago, Dan Guzman wrote a post called Use Caution with Explicit Transactions in Stored Procedures . In it, he talks about error handling and transactions, specifically with respect to the XACT_ABORT setting. XACT_ABORT Microsoft’s...
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Jen McCown
Follow /6 Oct 2015 at 2:04pm / SQL Server

Today at 12pm Central: #MinionEnterprise Talk – Backup Management!

Register here. In our monthly series about Minion Enterprise – the new SQL Server management solution – Sean and Jen will show you how “ME” can help you with your database enterprise. Specifically, this month we’ll show off...
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Chris Webb
Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 10:38pm / SQL Server

Drillthrough On Multiselect Now Works In Excel 2016 And SSAS 2016

One unadvertised – but still very welcome – feature of Excel 2016 is that it is now possible to do a drillthrough in a PivotTable when there is a multiselect on a filter or a slicer. It only works if you are using SSAS 2016 on the server, or if you’re...
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Kellyn PotVin
Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 8:17pm / Oracle

Adding Music to Code On Your Raspberry Pi

So as I prepare for next week, coaching with some other great folks with the Oracle Education Foundation using the Raspberry Pi, I wanted to add some fun music into my code to work with our motor mascot project.  To do so, you need a few things: ...
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Rohit Garg
Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 4:42pm / SQL Server

Implementation of Data Compression – SQL Server

Data Compression Data Compression is feature of Microsoft SQL Server to reduce the size of table on the basis of Duplicates, Null & Zeroes. It’s a process of reducing size of database & its objects by increasing CPU cycle and reducing I/O effort...
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Josh Howard
Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 4:22pm / Toad for Oracle

Toad User Forum: Wie Sie Ihr Datenmanagement einfach optimieren können

Toad User Forum: Wie Sie Ihr Datenmanagement einfach optimieren können Nehmen Sie an dieser interaktiven Trainingsveranstaltung mit dem international bekannten Senior Manager Product Management für Strategie und Roadmap der Toad Produktpalette...
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Deiby Gomez
Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 2:43pm / Oracle

VIII Simposio de Ingeniería en Universidad Rafael Landivar

Note: This article was written originally in Spanish. If you are reading this article in other language it is because of the automatic translator of ToadWorld. La semana pasada estuve en la Universidad Rafael Landivar de Quetzaltenango impartiendo...
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Jason Brimhall
Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 1:09pm / SQL Server

Backup Deployed Sessions

There is a wealth of information within Extended Events. Throughout this series, I have been working on exposing that wealth of information. A good bit of this information happens to be the metadata for Extended Events, and another bit of this information...
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Kenneth Fisher
Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 1:00pm / SQL Server

The powerpoint for my SQL Server Security Basics session

Well I’ve done it. I’ve spoken at an event. I’ll discuss how I felt about it and what I learned along the way a bit later. But in the mean time I promised I would make the PowerPoint for my SQL Server Security Basics session available...
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Follow /5 Oct 2015 at 11:00am / Oracle

Cedar’s Selective Adoption Event recap

A week or so back Cedar held a free Selective Adoption event for clients and friends. The idea behind the event was to help those on 9.2 already to make the most of what Selective Adoption can offer, and to show those that are yet to make the step to...
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Fernando Garcia
Follow /4 Oct 2015 at 9:03pm / Oracle

Como crear tareas externas con DBMS_SCHEDULER

El planificador de tareas interno de Oracle nos ofrece la posibilidad de crear y ejecutar tareas externas. Como su nombre lo indica, una tarea externa se ejecuta fuera de la base de datos y puede ser local (en el mismo servidor) o remota (en otro servidor...
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