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A Physical DBA Reviewing DDL

My background comes largely from the physical DBA world, though I’ve gained logical DBA skills over the years. Any reasonably mature IT organization will have a DBA at some level or another review SQL and DDL before it is implemented in production...
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Svetoslav Gyurov
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Grid Infrastructure 12c installation fails because of 255 in the subnet ID

I was doing another GI cluster installation last month when I got really weird error. While was running on the first node I got the following error: 2016/07/01 15:02:10 CLSRSC-343: Successfully started Oracle Clusterware stack 2016...
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Pinal Dave
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SQL SERVER – Fix Error – Cannot use the backup file because it was originally formatted with sector size 4096 and is now on a device with sector size 512

Here is a recent email which I received from Madhu. He is a beginner in the SQL Server and when he tried to take a backup from SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio), he got error related to backup file. As soon as he sent me an email I knew what was the...
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Deiby Gomez
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Thank you OTN Tour 2016

Oracle Technology Network Latin American Tour (OTN LA Tour) 2016 is done. I started my journey in Montevideo Uruguay, it was my first time there, and I had the opportunity to visit my good friends Nelson Calero and Edelweiss Kammermann . It was good to...
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Clarisa Maman Orfali
Follow /24 Aug 2016 at 11:14pm / Oracle Blog

Oracle Developers Tour Latinoamerica 2016 - Call for Papers is Open!!

The Call for Papers for the Oracle Developers Tour Latino America 2016 is now open!! Speakers, we encourage you to submit yours presentations into the form that the ODT organization team has made for all the countries that participate of the Tour. Make...
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Clarisa Maman Orfali
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The pool named: apex…. is not correctly configured… - Error 404 ORDS instalación en GlassFish

En esta oportunidad quiero compartir un error típico que aparece cuando estamos lo más bien trabajando con Apex en una instalación en Glassfish y cada cierto tiempo no podemos conectarnos y nos aparece el error 404. En un post...
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Steven Feuerstein
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PL/SQL at Oracle Open World 2016

If you work with PL/SQL, you will not want to miss any of these sessions : The Best Oracle Database 12 c New Features for Developers and DBAs [UGF2028] Alex Zaballa , Senior Oracle Database Administrator , Accenture Enkitec Group This presentation looks...
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3 Consideration for Enjoying the Data Lake

With all the outside activities with friends and family, summer vacations are always wonderful. Being outside at the lake enjoying the warm weather and cooling off in the lake are a wonderfully relaxing great times. This is the safe, content image that...
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Dan Hotka
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SQL Tuning Webinar Series

Hi! Here is an interesting event that all of you should make sure to attend. I’m doing a 4-part SQL tuning webinar series for Dell. Click here to see exact details and to register. This material is not just for Toad users…I think anyone...
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Thomas LaRock
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More General and Less SQL

Many DBAs liken their roles to being a mechanic, and with everything under the hood of SQL Server these days I think an F1 mechanic is an apt comparison. The post More General and Less SQL appeared first on Thomas LaRock . If you liked this post then...
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Brendan Tierney
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How to get ORE to work with APEX

This blog post will bring you through the steps of how to get Oracle R Enterprise (ORE) to work with APEX. The reason for this blog posts is that since ORE 1.4+ the security model has changed for how you access and run in-database user defined R scripts...
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Steven Feuerstein
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PL/SQL Optimization Levels and Native Code Generation

Charles Wetherell, Consulting Member of the PL/SQL development team, was kind enough to offer these insights regarding PL/SQL optimization and native code generation. A PL/SQL programmer asked why PL/SQL native code generation was turned off when the...
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Follow /24 Aug 2016 at 12:30pm / Oracle Blog' Class not Found

Aug 24, 2016 2:23:57 PM weblogic.nodemanager.server.AbstractServerManager log INFO: Server output log file is '/u01/Oracle/Middleware/domains/mserver/STAGEDQ/servers/EDQ_INS1_SIPEDQ1/logs/EDQ_INS1_SIPEDQ1.out' Server failed...
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Apply Weblogic Patch Offline mode

Shutdown all the services for weblogic. unzip the patch under $MW_HOME/utils/bsu/cache_dir run the following command :- ./ -prod_dir=$weblogic_home -patch_download_dir=Patch_location -patchlist=patch_id -verbose -install The final Result Or you...
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Hemantgiri S. Goswami
Follow /24 Aug 2016 at 7:58am / SQL Server Blog

Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error Code 824

Since data consistency is a crucial aspect for every user, the server has in-built mechanism which helps to maintain the data consistency at every step. Sometimes, the user may face SQL Server Error 824 while making any SQL query or data modification...
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Guy Harrison
Follow /24 Aug 2016 at 6:22am / Oracle Blog

Graph Lookup in MongoDB 3.3

Specialized graph databases such as Neo4J specialize in traversing graphs of relationships – such as those you might find in a social network. Many non-graph databases have been incorporating Graph Compute Engines to perform similar tasks. In the...
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Pinal Dave
Follow /24 Aug 2016 at 2:30am / SQL Server Blog

SQL SERVER – Script level upgrade for database ‘master’ failed because upgrade step ‘upgrade_ucp_cmdw.sql’

Recently once by my client contacted via Skype to know my thoughts about a cluster failover failure issue. They were having two nodes SQL Clustered instance and it was running fine of Node1. As soon as they failover to Node2, it was not able to start...
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Chris Yates
Follow /23 Aug 2016 at 3:00pm / SQL Server Blog

Ten Essential Traits for DBA Success

There is greatness within you whether you believe it or not. Over the years there are certain skills that have helped me along the way that, in turn, may help you along your journey. These traits are by no means written in stone and some will not agree...
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Fernando Garcia
Follow /23 Aug 2016 at 1:51pm / NoSQL Blog

Cypher, el "SQL" de los grafos.

Cypher es el lenguaje de Neo4j, una base de datos orientada a grafos. Al igual que SQL, Cypher es un lenguaje declarativo. Si bien Cypher no está pensado para bases de datos relacionales, aquellos que trabajamos con SQL, podemos acelerar el aprendizaje...
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Chris Webb
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Web.Contents(), M Functions And Dataset Refresh Errors In Power BI

One slightly frustrating feature of Power BI is that some of the cool stuff you can do in M code for loading data, and which works in Power BI Desktop (and in Power Query), causes errors when you try to refresh your dataset after it has been published...
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Clarisa Maman Orfali
Follow /23 Aug 2016 at 3:40am / Oracle Blog

Formateando Columnas RI - Expresiones HTML en Oracle APEX 5.0

Algo muy común a la hora de desarrollar es la de querer formatear las columnas de nuestros reportes para ello podemos usar la sección de Formato de Columna en el casillero Expresión HTML Por ejemplo: podríamos formatear...
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Project Lucy
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Announcing Spotlight Developer v6.4

Spotlight Developer v6.4 The key features added to this small release Now Supports SSMS 2016. No longer support SSMS 2008 and SSMS 2008R2 (both now deprecated) Enhancements to SQL Tuning and Analysis If you have not investigated the SQL...
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Kenneth Fisher
Follow /22 Aug 2016 at 2:00pm / SQL Server Blog

Cloud Security

In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve recently started looking at the cloud and what it entails. Well one of those aspects (duh) is security. I’m not sure where I found this (probably someone tweeted it) but one MS has put out a document on...
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Who did what to my database and when…

One of the most popular questions on forums / SO etc is, “How can i find out who dropped a table, truncated a table, dropped a procedure….” etc.   Im sure we have all been there,  something changes ( maybe schema or data ) and we have...
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Craig Mullins
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How to Evaluate DBA Tool Vendors

If you are a working DBA, eventually you will get drawn into evaluating DBA tools and the vendors who market and sell those tools. Although the most important aspect of DBA tool selection should be the functionality of the tool and the way it satisfies...
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