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Easily Understand Your Database Objects

Understanding the dependencies and relationships of your database objects gives you the greatest insight into your DB2 system. And now there’s an easy way to expand your knowledge in this area. It’s called a visual database map and it goes...
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Sten Vesterli
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License Management: Do You Feel Lucky?

It seems like I've been discussing Oracle licensing a lot lately, possibly because Oracle is giving their sales people bonuses for selling Cloud-based solutions. This means that many customers will be subjected to an argument why everything would...
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/usr/ccs/bin/as: not found/No such file or directory on Solaris 11.2

While trying to install Oracle Database 12c on Solaris 11.2 the i faced the following the errors in the logs and dbca was unable to start :- INFO: sh[2]: /usr/ccs/bin/as: not found [No such file or directory] INFO: make: Fatal error: INFO: *** Error code...
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Abu Fazal Abbas
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Oracle: The myth, reality and the curious case of count(*)

Today’s article is all about the popular count(*) method of checking cardinality and is dedicated to novice Oracle DBAs like me. We use count(*) almost everyday at some point to check the number of rows in a particular table. Sometime it gives...
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Iggy Fernandez
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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the EXPLAIN PLAN Part 38: Shakespeare’s advice for database upgrades

Previous installment: POISED: A problem-solving method First installment: DON’T PANIC “ Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel; But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each...
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Porus Homi Havewala
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You will now be able to use Exadata on the Oracle Database Cloud

Friends, ever wanted to use Exadata for your databases, but couldn’t? Oracle will now make it possible to use Exadata databases directly on the cloud. Last month, on June 22, Oracle announced the availability of the Oracle Database Cloud Exadata...
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010 – Ayman El-Ghazali - WaterOx Consulting

Reading Time: 2 minutes The community makes it all happen! In WOxPod!, episode # 009 –... The post 010 – Ayman El-Ghazali appeared first on WaterOx Consulting .
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Chris Webb
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Ensuring Columns Are Always Present In A Table Returned By Power Query

Disappearing or renamed columns in your data source can cause all kinds of problems when you’re importing data using Power Query: errors when you try to refresh the query, broken calculations in Power Pivot, PivotTables that reformat themselves and then...
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SSMS Tip Of The Day – Show Row Count

Today, when clicking around SSMS, I discovered this little helpful trick, that you probably already knew but here it comes anyway. If you want to see the number of rows in a table you can always use Select count ( * ) from TableName but it...
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Paul Turley
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Power BI Hands-On Workshop at PASS Global Summit

Please join me at the PASS Global Summit in Seattle for a half-day, 3-hour hands-on Power BI mini workshop. Bring your laptop and let’s build a real business intelligence (BI) solution using Power BI! In this deep-dive session, we build a complete...
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Mark Kurtz
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Preserving the data while making a change to a table

I was talking to a customer this week about the process of generating a Change Script when they are ready to deploy their changes and they were concerned about the fact that the script generation always wants to drop and rebuild the object. They did not...
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Jason Brimhall
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Database Drops in SQL 2012

In the previous article on this topic (which can be read here), I discussed the problem of having a database get dropped and the need to find out who dropped the database and when they dropped it.  In that article, I demonstrated how the information ...
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Craig Mullins
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Influencing the DB2 Optimizer: Part 1

Today is July 1, 2015 - mid way through the year and the beginning a fresh, new month. With that in mind, I'm kicking off a new series of blog posts here on the various methods of influencing the DB2 Optimizer's access path decisions. The bulk...
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The End of Oracle Content Server

Hello Day in and day out I'm hearing from reputable sources and clients alike that Oracle Content Server looks dated, it is hard to use, it's UI sucks and similar alarming remarks. And the UI indeed hasn't changed much in years, so that begs...
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James Serra
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What is Polyglot Persistence?

Polyglot Persistence is a fancy term to mean that when storing data, it us best to use multiple data storage technologies, chosen based upon the way data is being used by individual applications or components of a single application.  Different kinds...
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Speaking at PASS Summit 2015 & SQL Live360! - WaterOx Consulting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Seattle, here we come! I am excited, and honored that it is... The post Speaking at PASS Summit 2015 & SQL Live360! appeared first on WaterOx Consulting .
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Chris Yates
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SQL Saturday Field Notes

As you walk toward the entrance the door opens and there stands a volunteer smiling welcoming you in. You make your way into the building where you are ushered toward the sign in table; there is where you are greeted by more volunteers who help you get...
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Kenneth Fisher
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Blocking and deadlocking on purpose

Blocking and deadlocking are not things you typically want to do deliberately. But sometimes you need to test error handling or prove a point and then you need to do the unusual. Blocking and Deadlocking are based on lock requests and locking is handled...
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Don't Always Blame The Data

Just a quick post on this error I received yesterday. While I was working at a client, the application manager made some changes to a Slowly Changing Dimension of type 2 with effective dates, as mentioned here . This dimension contains the organisational...
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Ed Elliott
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Download SSMS, SSDT or SSDT-BI

It is a constant source of frustration for some people that it is hard to download SSDT or SSDT-BI or you download the wrong thing. This is an example of some frustration: https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/sqlserver/en-US/c82354d0-2f88-4......
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Steven Feuerstein
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The Oracle Database Developer Choice Awards: We Need You!

Years ago, Oracle Corporation gave out Excellence Awards for developers. For example, I was honored to be chosen as "PL/SQL Developer of the Year" in both 2002 and 2006. But it's been a while since developers received those awards. The focus...
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Advanced Space Management for DB2

To take advantage of DB2’s parallelism during query processing, you have to equally distribute your data across all partitions. Now there’s an easy way to identify incorrect distribution and quickly fix it. With the new DB Admin Module...
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Juan Carlos Olamendy
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Big Data and Oracle database

In this article, I want to talk how to apply Big Data techniques along with data stored in Oracle database. Let me start talking about that in computer science, there are dichotomies between optimizing read vs write operations, transactional vs analytical...
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Derik Hammer
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Writing Repeatable T-SQL

Writing code for a database is more of a challenge than writing for applications. Before the developers bite my head off, I do not mean that the languages, such as T-SQL, are more difficult or that applications are any less sophisticated than database...
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Deiby Gomez
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Oracle Open World Lationamericano 2015 - Brasil

Del 23 al 25 de Junio se celebró en São Paolo, Brasil el Oracle Open World Latinoaméricano, durante la misma semana también se celebró la primera reunion de Líderes de los Grupos de Usuarios de Oracle en Latinoamérica...
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