Syndicate Your Blog

We're big believers that bloggers should run their own personal blogs, under their own personal domain names, to maximize their long-term investments in themselves. You’re building a brand for yourself, and you want to control that asset no matter what.

What If You Want More Readers On Your Blog?

We've talked to bloggers who say they’re frustrated blogging on their own sites because they don’t have enough readers. They feel like they’re toiling alone in the dark, with nobody seeing their work. They’re not dying for readers, but they want to know that their work isn’t going in vain. If they post a valuable solution, a hard-to-write article, or a timely tip, they want to know that it’s going to benefit the most readers possible.

We’ve got a solution that lets you keep your independence and gets you more readers: syndicate your blog at Toad World. We’ll “echo” your blog posts from your own database blog automatically and them in front of over 3 million users.

Syndication Means You Stay In Control

Syndicating your blog at Toad World doesn’t mean changing the way you write. If you’re like us, you blog about all kinds of things, not just database platforms. We’ll help you set up a "Oracle", “SQL Server”, "DB2", or other database category on your blog, and our syndication software only picks up blog entries in that category.

You can - and should - still blog about whale bacon, your favorite music, or your adventures in Vegas without feeling like you need to clean up your act for syndication. If you feel like blogging about personal stuff ten times in a row, then do that - we’re not going to pressure you to keep up a minimum number of database posts per week in order to be syndicated.

How You Benefit From Syndicating at Toad World

To the side of every blog post on Toad World, we show a list of related blog posts. If you blog about something related to an existing hot topic here at Toad World, your blog post will show up as a related post - thereby getting you more readers.

We also put time and effort into publicizing our site and you gain the advantage of over 3 million visitors per year to Toad World. That's a lot of potential readers!

And it doesn’t require any work on your end - no logins to manage, no new blog editor to learn, no copy/pasting between blog systems. We just automatically suck your blog entries out of your RSS feed.

Bring Toad World Readers To Your Site

In your syndicated blog entries, you should link to other personal blog entries you’ve made that your readers may find interesting. They click the link, they go to your site to read the article, and they see you as a person instead of a faceless database-only blogger.

You should also link to your Twitter feed so readers can communicate more with you, get to know you better, and ask questions about your blog entries.

Why is Quest doing it?

Quest's mission for Toad World is to be a community-owned resource, built by the database community, for the community. There are a lot of really good bloggers out there that have gotten burned out toiling away in the dark, and we don’t want them giving up. If it’s exposure you want, we can help you get it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blog Syndication

Can I syndicate my blog if I’m blogging at a group blog site?

We’d love to, but so far, all of the group blog sites have said no. They want exclusive rights to their bloggers’ content, and they’re not allowing bloggers to syndicate their content anywhere else.

Can I syndicate a non-English blog?

Not yet, but we'll have dynamic translation very soon so you can post in your native language and others will read it in theirs. It's all pretty cool stuff and on the very near horizon.

Can I write about things other than my favorite database platform?

If you want to write about things that are fairly close, yes. For example, if you’d like to write about querying with Crystal Reports, database development with Data Dude, or data mining with Excel, then it’s a topic that our audience will probably find interesting.

Third party software is off-limits no matter who the manufacturer is, even Quest.

Do the blog posts link back to each blogger’s home site?


Can I link to other web sites?

Absolutely. In a perfect world, everything you would need would be at Toad World. In this perfect world, we could all be driving a Porsche 911 Targa, and Chipotle burritos would make us lose weight. We’re not quite there yet, so when you find something really useful on another site, you should tell other database pros about it.

However, please don’t write one-sentence articles that say things like, “Wow, this post was really cool - go check it out!” Try to add value to the post. Tell a story about why it’s useful to DBAs, your experiences with the code provided, or the pros and cons of different solutions.

Getting Your Blog Syndicated

To get started, create a new category in your blog named for the database platform. So, "Oracle", "SQL Server", etc. Put at least one article in that category, but you can put as many as you like. Going forward, whenever you want a post to be picked up by syndication, just put it in that category.

Find the RSS feed for that category. It needs to contain only that category's entries, not your entire blog.

  • Blogspot users - from what we've seen so far, you have to set up a tag instead of a category.
  • WordPress users - it's probably<database platform name>/feed

You can either use that feed directly, or use FeedBurner, but we highly recommend that you use FeedBurner.

Create a Toad World Account

If don't already have one, create an account on Toad World.  It's easy.  You just need to enter your email address and select a userid.  FIll in your profile with a short one or two paragraph bio and an avatar or head-shot photo.  Your readers will appreciate knowing a bit more about you. 

Email Us Your Blog Info

Email with:

  • Your syndication RSS feed's URL

We'll work with you to help get it set up.