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Why Certifications Are Important

By Deiby Gómez Introduction: Ever since I started my career in Oracle technology I’ve always wanted to deliver the best support to my clients. I have wanted to solve the problems quickly. I am not afraid of new challenges, I am not...
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Oracle Database 12.2 Statement-level Refresh for Materialized Views

By Deiby Gómez Introduction: Materialized views have been used for several years and they are being improved by Oracle with every database version or release. Up to Oracle Database 12cR1 Oracle Materialized Views supported the following...
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Oracle EM 13c Database's historic data without DBA_HIST*

By Deiby Gómez Introduction Data changes frequently in OLTP environments and Oracle has to be aware of those changes or at least to try detect these changes in order to adjust the optimizer and execute sentences in the best possible way....
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Oracle Database 12.2 - How to track index usage

By Deiby Gómez Introduction Several articles have been written about how to track the usage of indexes and there are several scripts to determine which indexes are being used after monitoring for a while. In previous versions to 12cR2 of...
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How to analyze Undo statistics to proactively avoid undo space issues

By Deiby Gómez Introduction In my previous articles I explained two very important concepts about Undo Data; one is how Oracle manages the retention time and the other is how Oracle reuses the undo extents . You can also check my presentation...
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By Deiby Gómez Introduction: Oracle has introduced several new features in its new version Oracle Database and RMAN it is not the exception. Most of the DBA would agree that one of the difficult tasks whenever a database needs...
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How to run SQL Statements across Pluggable Databases with

Introduction: Beginning with Oracle Database, DBAs started to work with Pluggable Databases. There were some large migrations of several databases from 10g/11g to 12c where they were consolidated into a new Oracle Database Container using...
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Oracle Database 12cR2 new feature: Lockdown Profiles

By Deiby Gómez Introduction: In the past, roles, system privileges, and table privileges were used to control the functionalities allowed to database users. However, roles and privileges don’t have enough granularity to effectively...
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Oracle Database 12cR2 new feature: Proxy PDB

By Deiby Gómez Introduction: The need to communicate with external systems and exchange data made Oracle develop a way to connect to different Oracle databases to execute operations. Traditionally, whenever we wanted to bring data in from...
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Oracle Database 12cR2 new feature: Application Root Replica

By Deiby Gómez Introduction: In my previous articles we have seen concepts like “ Application Containers ” and “ Proxy PDB ”, which are new in Oracle Database 12cR2. With Application Containers, you can install...
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