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Dan Hotka
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Oracle 12.2 New Feature: Longer object/column names

Hi, Maybe you have wanted to use longer object names to be more descriptive. The Oracle RDBMS now supports up to 128 positions for both object and column names! The current naming length convention is 30. The other naming rules still apply such as...
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Dan Hotka
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Oracle 12.2 In-memory New Features

I was able to attend the Oracle Open World 2016 event this past fall. Last April, I posted a nice series on In-memory, material I had gathered from Oracle PM Andy Revenes (heck of a nice guy). Here are the Oracle12.2. new features for In-Memory from...
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Dan Hotka
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Oracle Behavior Differences Between Releases

A question came to me from a DBA friend asking about SQL differences between releases of the database. IE: behavioral differences in SQL processing. The question posed by this person was that they felt that some older SQL was not forward compatible...
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Dan Hotka
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Toad Tips and Techniques

Toad Tips and Techniques Hi, 2017 is upon us. Toad ventures into another year! Toad can do so many things but I think people sometimes forget the little things that Toad has to offer. Let’s start with one of my favorite topics for people...
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Dan Hotka
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Toad Explain Plan Advanced options

I have used the Toad explain plan advanced options to show SQL bind variable content for a while. I want to show you how to get this advanced information when doing SQL tuning with Toad. When tuning SQL that contain bind variables, it is important to...
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Dan Hotka
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Application Tuning Question Using Toad

…from the mail bag… Hi Dan, I've seen a situation several times lately that I need your interpretation of. There was a query running and I was watching it in Toad. It showed the session as ACTIVE, the wait event as...
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Dan Hotka
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Toad Explain Plan Tip - returning actual SQL execution explain plan

If you have been in my tuning class or read my tuning blogs, I carry on at length about the importance of reviewing the explain plan with which the SQL executed, not an explain plan because you needed to have one. The explain plan button on Toad’s...
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Dan Hotka
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Oracle 12.2 New Features for Developers - Conditional Compilation Part 2

We continue this series of blogs on New Features for Developers with some updated conditional compilation features. Oracle10 introduced conditional compilation, or the ability to compile PL/SQL lines of code depending on the database version being...
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Dan Hotka
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Oracle Block Internals Part 6

This is the final article in our Block Internals article series. It covers a couple of other issues you could have with long-running transactions. This article also covers how direct path loading works. Direct path loading doesn’t create a problem...
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Dan Hotka
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Webinar Followup

Hi, This blog contains some questions about material I covered in the recent SQL Performance Tuning webinars I did for Toad World. IF you have questions about Oracle, PL/SQL, performance tuning…funnel them to me at . I’ll...
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