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Scary Situations: Management Bullies, Tight Deadlines, and More

Hi, This month pulls from my programming and consulting days: how I solved working with management bullies, and used technology to solve short time frames and to assist in a screen-conversion project where I didn’t have any help. All of these...
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Dan Hotka
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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Toad Advanced Explain Plan Tips and Techniques

Welcome to my new video blog! Our first tutorial: Toad Advanced Explain Plan Tips and Techniques. (Please visit the site to view this video) I hope you find it useful. Drop me a line and let me know if you have any comments or questions. Dan...
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Dan Hotka
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Oracle Login Profile Default Settings

Hi, I just wrote a short blog on changing the expiring password behavior of Oracle12 . I think most of these settings are valid for Oracle11 as well. The short blog was on resetting PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME (defaults to 180 days) and FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS...
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Oracle Password Expiring

Hi, Ever go to log into your test environment to get the “Password expires in 7 days”? Or, you have been on vacation/busy with something else and your test environment password expires? Just one of those little “gotcha’s”...
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Dan Hotka
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More Coding Best Practices - PL/SQL tips - posting rows quickly from an array & more

Hi, This month is a continuation of the Bulk Binding PL/SQL technologies from Oracle from last month. Click here to review the Bulk Collect syntax in loading arrays very quickly with rows. This article will show the rest of the Bulk Binding technology...
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Toad Code Analysis

Hi, Code Analysis has been in Toad for a while now. If you are using a slightly older version of Toad, it might be called Code Review, found under the same menu path. Code Analysis gives you or your project team useful information about a particular...
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Oracle Coding Best Practices - Part 2

Hi, This month I'll focus on a couple of PL/SQL performance tips that will include how to utilize collections to radically increase row processing and a simple but useful coding tip on the benefits and pitfalls of some easy PL/SQL cursor coding...
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Oracle 12.2 New Features: Scheduler, Data Pump, and More

Hi, I’ve written a lot of articles on Oracle12 new features. This article will conclude the series with a list of miscellaneous new features for the various other tools like data pump, the scheduler, and SQL*Loader. Other Dan Hotka Oracle12...
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Oracle Coding Best Practices

Hi, I have a lot of PL/SQL tips to share. Here’s a first installment—perhaps more to come! Tip #1 The first thing I encourage all to use is %TYPE and %ROWTYPE on your variable definitions. In yesteryear, there was a tad bit of overhead...
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Database Performance Problems: Finding the Root Cause

Hi! This article will cover some useful tips in finding the root cause of your application performance issues. Some of these suggestions might be useful to enhance your help-desk solutions; others might be useful in determining whether the performance...
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