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Dan Hotka
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Top 10 Recursive Views to Look at for Database Performance Troubleshooting

Hi, Recursive views present various data dictionary information in a readable form. In Oracle, real-time information can generally be monitored using the V$ dictionary views. Oracle tracks literally everything going on both within the database and...
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Dan Hotka
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Managing Containers and Pluggable Databases

Hi, Oracle12 introduced a new database architecture for the Oracle database: multi-tenant or pluggable databases. The basic concept is a container database (CDB) that can contain one or more pluggable databases (PDBs). The main feature of this new...
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Dan Hotka
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How Oracle B-tree Indexes Work

Hi, I have a lot of knowledge about how Oracle’s indexes work. I’ll start with how Oracle B-tree indexes work, as well as syntax and practical uses for each. Oracle B-Tree Index Structure The above illustration shows a single...
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Dan Hotka
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Solving Problem Partitioning SQL Using PL/SQL

Hi, This article is more of the rest of the story from March’s Lucky Breaks. ( Click here to see the first blog). I want to share my successes in using PL/SQL to solve a rather common performance issue associated with accessing data across partitioned...
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Dan Hotka
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Too Many Indexes Causes Long Running Batch Cycles

Hi, This article is more of the rest of the story from March’s Lucky Breaks. ( Click here to see this blog). I want to share a real consulting gig where I used index monitoring with great success. Index Monitoring Index monitoring was introduced...
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Dan Hotka
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A couple of good index questions from a novice

Hi, This blog comes from the e-mail bag. [:)] One of my followers asks two useful questions that a novice to relational databases or an end user/power user is likely to have. The questions relate to ‘how does it work’, a fun series on discovery...
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Dan Hotka
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Oracle Compressed Tables

Hi, Did you know that Oracle supports compression in various forms in the database? You can compress an entire tablespace (all of its contents), a table, or part of a table (at the partition level). Using sub-partitioning, the sub-partitions can be...
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Dan Hotka
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Cross Database Partitioning (Sharding)

By Dan Hotka Hi, Sharding is a method of having a widely distributed database across various hardware platforms utilizing a mix of database technologies. Sharding extends partitioning to various distributed databases that don’t even have...
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Dan Hotka
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Data Prep Using Toad Data Point

By Dan Hotka Hi, Toad Data Point has been around a while. Its primary use is preparing data and assisting with data analysis. The power of this tool is that it can pull and include data from just about any data store, and mix that data for specific...
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Dan Hotka
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Index Clustering Factor and Oracle

Hi, There is quite the scenario that the Oracle Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) uses when deciding when to use indexes to process your SQL. I go into this in great detail in my SQL Performance Tuning course ( click here for details ). Clustering factor...
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