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Toad Turnpike: Real Stories from the Road

Taking the Flame out of Flame-Throwing “She’s like a flame-thrower on legs.” With that one short sentence, Naomi had just scripted a vivid scene for my mind to visualize. Backdrop. Rewind life back about a year and a half. I’m...
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Denny Cherry
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Be sure to thank the sponsors

Conferences, no matter the size all have one thing in common, they all require the same thing to run from Br eakfast until Dinner for the day (or multiple days) that the event runs. That thing they need to run on is cash. The less expensive the event...
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Brendan Tierney
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Oracle Code Online December 2017

This week Oracle Code will be having an online event consisting of 5 tracks and with 3 presentations on each track. This online Oracle Code event will be given in 3 different geographic regions on 12th, 13th and 14th December. I've been selected to...
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Syed Jaffar Hussain
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OBIEE 12c ( post upgrade challenges - unable to save HTML based dashboard reports

Very recently, an OBIEE v12.2.1.1 upgraded to v12.2.1.3 on an Exalytics machine. Though it wasn't a major upgrade, we had to do it to fix some bugs encountered in v12.2.1.1. For sure, it wasn't a easy walk in the park during the upgrade and post...
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Jeff Podlasek
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Toad for DB2 v6.5 is now available!

We are pleased to announce the release of Toad for DB2 v6.5. This new version is now available for customers to download at Supportlink and at our Toad DB2 Trial Download Page on Toad for DB2 is a comprehensive solution to improve...
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Gregory Liss
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Toad DevOps Toolkit and PowerShell...step by step.

Introduction When first looking at TDT, it can be a very intimidating product. Of course, the same can be said of SQL*Plus. Both are very powerful but both require a level of understanding about what is going on behind the scenes in order to get the...
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Deepak Vohra
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Using Toad Edge 1.1 with MySQL Database – New Database & New Table Wizards,Text Search, Import Data Wizard

Introduction In an earlier article on using Toad Edge 1.1 with MySQL Database we discussed running MySQL on Docker Engine and connecting to the MySQL database with Toad Edge. In this continuation article we shall discuss some of the Toad Edge features...
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Deepak Vohra
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Using Toad Edge 1.1 with MySQL Database on Docker

MySQL database is the leading open source database. Toad Edge is a database development and administration integrated development environment (IDE) for MySQL database with support to be added for some of the other open source databases. In an earlier...
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Clarisa Maman Orfali
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Cómo definir las preferencias del espacio de trabajo actual en Oracle APEX 5.1

Vamos a aprender en este artículo a conocer cómo definir y controlar las preferencias para el espacio de trabajo. Para definir las preferencias del espacio de trabajo debemos iniciar sesión con el usuario Administrador; es importante...
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Deepak Vohra
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Using Toad Edge 1.1 with MySQL on AWS EC2 - Part II

Introduction In the first of two articles on using Toad Edge 1.1 with MySQL database that is running on AWS EC2 we discussed creating an EC2 instance using a MySQL AMI. Subsequently we obtained the password for the MySQL root user and connected to...
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