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Oracle Data Redaction

Oracle Data Redaction enables you to mask (redact) data that is returned from queries issued by applications. You can redact column data by using one of the following methods: Full redaction. You redact all of the contents of the column data...
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Deepak Vohra
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Using Toad Data Point with Oracle Database on AWS RDS

Introduction Toad Data Point is a relational data source access, query, and analytics tool that may be used to create a table, add table data, query a table, and prepare reports; all from a graphical user interface (GUI). Toad Data Point supports...
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Denny Cherry
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I really hope that Zuckerberg doesn’t run for President

Last week Mark Zuckerberg made a couple of astonishing announcements.  The first is that he’s no longer an atheist.  The second is the one that’s a little more important to the rest of the world, that he believes “running for president...
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Clarisa Maman Orfali
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Do you want to be a Database Administrator? Four DBA experts tell us their story

What does it really mean to be a database administrator? In an increasingly technologically globalized world, this specialty has taken on a very important role. When I started working in Oracle technologies, my first exposure to them was with database...
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Clarisa Maman Orfali
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¿Quieres ser un Administrador de Bases de Datos? Cuatro Expertos DBA nos cuentan su historia

¿Sabemos lo que realmente significa ser un Administrador de Bases de Datos? En un mundo globalizado cada vez más tecnológico, esta especialidad ha cobrado un rol muy importante. Recuerdo que cuando me inicie en las tecnologías...
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How to install IBM Db2 Developer Edition on Centos 7 using Docker

In this post, I would like to show you how to install IBM Db2 Developer Community edition. IBM Db2 Developer Community Edition is a full-featured free version for non-production environments. Primarily it is dedicated to developers and has some limitations...
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Julie Hyman
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Need the Right Toolset for Your MySQL Database? There’s a Toad for That.

“We’re transitioning to an open source database platform, and we’d really like to be able to develop and run our databases using our Toad software.” Toad Edge Lets You Get the Full Value from MySQL The quote above...
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Juan Carlos Olamendy
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Logging and analyzing slow queries in MySQL

By: Juan Carlos Olamendy Turruellas Introduction Slow queries can negatively impact database performance. If you don't analyze, optimize, and tune the slow queries as early as possible, the overall performance of your system will eventually...
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Dan Hotka
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Oracle Coding Best Practices - Part 2

Hi, This month I'll focus on a couple of PL/SQL performance tips that will include how to utilize collections to radically increase row processing and a simple but useful coding tip on the benefits and pitfalls of some easy PL/SQL cursor coding...
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using LVM for adding two LUNS/Disks as one mount point

There may be situation where required capacity cannot be allocated from single volume group from storage, in such situation storage teams will provide multiple luns with different capacities. In this post we will see how we can create single mountpoint...
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